PwC economics consulting Application Process


Hey guys,

it seems to me that very few people on this forum applied to this division…
just wondering if anyone has heard anything so far from PwC?

I applied several weeks ago and nothing yet…
i am aware they are struggling to process about 60000 applications or more, hence I never wrote to ask them what’s going on :slight_smile:

anyone else wants to share their own experience??



Took the tests online a couple of days ago.


hey, how did you find the personality test?
was it the one from Gallup?



anyone heard back from PwC econ consulting after taking the tests?


Nope, what took them so long???


The PwC personality test or in reality a test on how you would behave under work situation is about common sense (having some work experience will help). But it is about how you would act in certain situation. Important point is to select the answer that would be most appropriate during work environment. Think of yourself as a working person. Client needs comes pretty high in the priority etc.

Economic Consulting as far as I know is not a huge department and don’t tend to hire lot of graduates as the likes of performance consulting department. Having said that, the competition is higher as well.

If you haven’t heard anything, just call them Hazel. It always works better that way, they have a dedicated HR team which will have time to answer your queries.


From what I read somewhere else, PwC considers your application in terms of fit with the company; if they feel you are good enough but they cannot offer a role in the econ dept, they will ask you to consider a management consulting role for example…that’s what I 've heard but not sure if it’s true…

any ideas how many candidates they recruit in the econ consulting?


hey guys

what’s happening with pwc consulting division? Were we not supposed to hear something from them already after taking the tests?
is pwc still recruiting? :slight_smile:


The deadline for my tests was yesterday for consulting so I guess that they may be waiting to compare everyone´s scores. I think the assesment centre is 1st week of jan (for strategy anyway) so we should hear soon.


Invited for econ intervew in january



well-done! i have not heard anything yet :frowning:
any ideas what a first round consists of ?


No. But I find it funny that you post on one forum claiming you were invited to an interview, and then denying this fact on another forum within minutes (with the same username)! If you’re going to lie (for dubious strategic benefit at that), at least show some semblance of cunning.


Getting an invitation or not should not be relevant for anyone on this forum…
and yes, i apparently received an invitation but because i was travelling for 3 days with little access to internet, i was not aware of it at first. I discovered it after my wiki post…anyway, i dont see a need to apologise here, to be honest…

Probably the best approach is to copy-paste all posts so that all accounts have the same message at the same time :slight_smile:
That would be a job in itself, dont you think?


i had my 1st round interview today for economics consulting - london.

it was divided into 2 parts, the first part was a technical discussion and the 2nd part was a more typical competency based discussion.

the technical part dominated most of the interview, which lasted around 45mins, the interviewer probes your strength and breadth of economic knowledge by asking you to analyse various hypothetical situations using economic theory, e.g. imagine there was an island off the coast of britain, should we build a bridge from that island to britain, how would you quantify the cost and benefits, should there be a toll, and if so how much, etc.

the 2nd part was just a bunch of competency questions asked straight from their website.

the interviewer did ask me why there is a necessity for auditors, which was a bit random seeing as i didnt apply for audit, but i guess he just wanted to test my knowledge of their services.


I noticed there was a dearth of information with regard to the econs consulting application process, so I thought I’d share my experience if anyone wants to apply to this service line.

Step 1: online reasoning tests are pretty standard SHL stuff, comprising of the numerical reasoning test, the logical reasoning test and the student talent questionnaire. Note that the logical reasoning test is listed as “inductive reasoning” under the SHL system.

Step 2: First round interviews are pretty much as what alpie describes. As part of the technical discussion, I got the building a bridge connecting the island to the mainland question; and on top of that, I had a question that talked about why corner convenience stores have higher prices than supermarkets, very theory of the firm stuff, so a discussion about eos, pricing strategy, cost structures, margins should ensue.

As for competencies, I was asked about why economic consulting, why PwC, teamwork, and when I had to deal with a conflict. I was also asked what was the difference between/what sets apart PwC economics consulting with other economic consultancies (Oxera, Oxford, Frontier etc). This would come up especially if you tell them that you’ve applied to them. So for this, you should be very familiar with the services that PwC can provide for their clients.

Step 3: Assessment centre

Part 1: Assessment Tests are exactly like what you get online in Step 1, except on paper, but no more student talent questionnaires. The tests are not negatively marked, so do as many as you can. You get 20 mins for each test.

Part 2: The written exercise is where they give you a brief, you make a recommendation on behalf of the client and write a report about it. So structure is important here, try to break down info into digestible bits and use as much business language as possible. You are given 30 mins to do this.

Part 3: the second round interview consists of a case study discussion and a competency discussion. You are given four business questions beforehand to choose one from and 20 mins to prepare. It would probably be useful to revise on some econs here, some areas include theory of the firm, market structures, pricing strategies/bundling.

But your discussion is definitely not limited to econs alone, and could include other qualitative issues. I don’t think any in-depth industrial knowledge is expected, but some grasp would be handy when the interviewers bring up examples in different industries, and you may need to apply your econ knowledge and commercial awareness.

I did not get too many questions on competencies, and the discussion was similar to the 1st interview: why PwC, why econs consulting, and where do you see yourself in 5 years. They could expand on your response to the questions, when applicable, weave in what you know about PwC’s services. And this part was a lot more like a chat and both interviewers were very friendly and were more than happy to share their experience.

Part 4: Group discussion is where you have a discussion with 3-4 people while being observed by 2 assessment officers. You are given a brief containing a client info and what help do they require. Each person has a separate card containing info unique to themselves. You are given 20 mins to prepare for the discussion. Do note that there are irrelevant info, so hone in on exactly what is required of the team.

During the discussion, it is important to stay on track, share your own information as much as possible (this is key!), ask for the opinion of others and always give others a chance to speak. Do not be aggressive/dominating. Speak clearly and loud enough so the assessment officers can hear you and make remarks.

The day ended with a small reception with some members of the team, so great time to ask questions about the work they do etc.

misc remarks:
Some statistics: at the assessment centre, there seems to be a slight majority of postgrad candidates (I myself am an undergrad). Also, there weren’t many female candidates during the session (like around 12.5%); but according to the team, at entry level the gender balance is more or less even. the number of people who attended the assessment centre came up to about 14-15, and the recruiters mentioned that they were hiring for 5 positions for 2010.

For the interview, it is crucial to establish rapport with your interviewers. I do not know how much weight they attach to each component of the assessment centre, but the interview seems to have a make-or-break importance. As long as you demonstrate a healthy interest in econs and what they do, you should be fine.

hope this helps!