PwC (Dubai) Management Consultancy: Graduate Role



I’m about to have my final interview for the dubai office (MC graduate job). I live in London, so I dont know much about the consulting practice in the region.

1- How prestigious is pwc MC in the region compared to the other companies?

2- Anyone know the salary for a MC grad in Dubai? I heard it was super low… but given dubai’s high cost of living, will the salary be enough to live comfortably?

3- Are all good strategy jobs sent off to strategy&?

4- Does pwc MC offer good exit opportunities?

5- Will pwc MC be an advantage when applying to top mba schools?

6- Is pwc mc in dubai a joke compared to pwc in the eu and the us? will the fact that the job is in dubai hurt my future exit opportunities?

7- Is MC pwc in Dubai a great career start?




Did you find answers to your questions from the past 3 years?


Ask me any questions, recently got offered a role in assurance with good starting salary (better than UK grads scheme