PWC diagrammatic tests on the assesment day


Hi there

I just wanted to clarify something…

Could anyone that has done a PWC assurance assessment day let me know which type of diagrammtic test you sit at the paper version. I have read on this site that they are the type that involve transformations on a series on letters.

But on the PWC site it says “Later in the process, you’ll sit the paper versions of these online tests, so this online stage is good preparation.”. And these were the ones where you pick the 5th box in the sequence.

If anyone could tell me which it is I’d really appreciate it, as I am rubbish at the transformations but good at the others so would like to know whether I’ll be wasting my time practicing transformations.

Thanks to anyone that can help me, and for all the other invaluable advice I have gained on this forum.


The online test is definately not good preparation for the diagrammatic reasoning. The written diagrammatic reasoning test is hard. The best introduction to diagrammatic reasoning is here:

Diagrammatic reasoning - WikiJob

There’s some links to diamgrammatic reasoning practice tests on there which might help you.

Also, make sure you’ve looked at the PwC page on WikiJob:

PwC Interview Questions (PricewaterhouseCoopers) - WikiJob

which also has a bit about the tests.

Hope this helps - I’ve done (and passed!) the tests so let me know if you have any more questions!


Damn was really hoping it wasn’t those haha.

I have the book so will just work through that a bit, I have atleast been told they are a bit easier than in the book, as these are pretty tough.


In principle you aren’t supposed to be able to practice for those kind of questions, but in truth, there are only a limited number of ways a question can work - with a little practice I think you could improve your performance.

Good luck!


Yeah I did a little ibt of pratice and it seemed to go a long way, I got in top 2% for logic and top 1% for numerical.

And had an offer before I got home from work, PWC are certainly organised! Now just got to wait until september to start :slight_smile:


Congratulations! WikiJob has helped someone get in! You certainly must be smart to have done so well on the tests- they are really quite hard. They never gave me my marks when I did mine, but then again they did give me a job!

Where are you working + what department?


I’ll be worknig in the Bristol offce in Assurance, can’t wait!!!

Assesment day was actually a really pleasurble experience. Individual exercise was ok (though I don’t think I did as well as I could). Partner interview was fantastic, was as much me asking him questons as him asing me really,and he was a really nice guy. And I then had a call from him telling me about the offer by about 4:30 I think.

I just got my results through the post, I did make a point of asking if I would get them so could be that you only get them if you requst them.


Well done good work glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed my PwC and Deloitte assessment days- I wasn’t looking forward to PwC at all but when I got there it was the like ‘click’ and everything fell into place, which is just what you need on a day like that!:slight_smile:

If you fancy doing a writeup of you experience in another post feel free- I think a lot of people would like that!




I have a PwC assessment day on Monday and have been trying to work through the “Professional Level Psychometric Tests” book by Sam Al-Jajjoka. On the wikijob sit it mentioned that pages 7-23 should help for the PwC test. Unfortunately I find these tests very hard whereas all other tests in the book I find much more straightforward! Can anyone tell me if it is these type of tests where you get WXYZ -----> @ --> $—> ? ----> ZZXYWW and you have to work it out? I will keep pushing hard if it is this style of test that comes up on the day.


Hi cpatey85 and chrism2671,

I am wondering is the diagrammatic test during the assessment day was nothing like the ones we did online? ie. it’s not those where we pick the 5th box in the sequence?

Thank you very much :slight_smile: