PwC Diagrammatic Reasoning Test


I recently got invited to attend an assessment centre with PwC. I was just wondering if someone who’d already taken the AC could tell me more about it; especially the diagrammatic reasoning test.

I understand that SHL is the test provider. However, they don’t have a ‘diagrammatic’ reasoning test but rather have ‘inductive’ and ‘deductive’ reasoning tests. Could someone clarify whether the questions are of either form:

(1) A series of images (5/6) are shown and from left to right and we are tasked with picking the right solution that would fit the series. eg: (

(2) An image is given on the left and right of an operator. We are tasked with picking the appropriate operator that changes one set to the other or the correct set given an operator and initial set. eg: (

I would really like some honest feedback as I’d like to tailor my preparation for that specific test. Thank you!