PWC Credit for Prior Learning ACA qualification


I was wondering whether anyone could help me with this. I recently had a job offer from pwc and am considering it but wanted some clarification on a few things.

I would be studying for the ACA qualification in my service line but because of the degree I have chosen (accounting and finance) I am able to apply for certain exemptions from exams, or credit for prior learning according to the ICAEW

I heard that after every exam you pass you are rewarded with a £1000 pay rise. If this is true does that mean that I could potentially start a few £1000 higher than expected if I dont have to take those exams. Any information would be much appreciated


The contract is fixed for graduates so no i dont think that you will get that.
For more info, you can check the offer you have received. It should contain information regarding pay rises etc etc.

Congratulations for your offer!