PWC Consulting grad scheme 'review'



Not sure if there are any other people who were told after recent Consulting assessment days that they’d need to be deferred until next year? That’s what I was told (fair enough if they’re full for 2012); but just wondering if anybody had heard anything else? Their student recruitment team phoned a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to keep my application (now for 2013) live, pending a review.

I thought that was a bit weird… has anybody else experienced similar?



Yep, exactly the same thing happened to me. I got an email from PwC while I was about halfway through the application process. I had originally applied for the Autumn 2012 entrance (consultancy grad program), but was told that it had been filled and was asked if I would be willing to defer my entrance to march 2013. I said yes and continued with my application, eventually receiving an offer which I accepted.

My impression from the whole application process was that they are under a huge amount of pressure from sheer volume of applicants - I think they’ve had another record year for applicant numbers, so the pressure for places is intense. Being deferred wasn’t what I had anticipated at all, but I was just happy to be made an offer regardless!

I’d keep on with your application - good luck!


Fair play to you, and congrats. I haven’t even been called back in for my final interview yet though… and I went to the AC last year!!!