PwC Consulting Assessment Centre- Partner Interview



I have been invited to an assessment centre at PwC in London for Management Consulting next month and I was wondering how the Partner interview compares to that of the first interview? Do they ask similar sorts or questions or are they harder? Also, does anyone know any good websites to practice numerical reasoning tests- i have used the same shl one about 4 times!



Well done bh86, on getting past the first stage. Sorry i can not help you with your query as i am at an earlier stage than yourself. I have a phone interview tomorrow late evening for management consulting & was wondering if you could kindly give some cues (on this forum or private message me, whichever you prefer) onto what questions were set up for the grilling? I am told they stress on keeping it an enjoyable experience. I could not find any posts on this forum about PWC management consulting interview for the first stage as most deal with audit, assurance and tax. How long was the interview itself? any advice in general would be much appreciated.

Wishing you all the best for next month partner interview :slight_smile: If i get any information regarding your question, i’ll post.



The interviewer was really nice and you will be fine so long as you prepare! Most of the questions were based around those found on this link:

Make sure you:

Know what PwC do (i.e. their different service lines) and how they add value to their clients
What do you know about PwC (history, clients, reputation, consulting is the focus for growth over next 4 years, part of big 4, commitment to sustainability etc)
Why you would like to join PwC (culture, training, times top100, reputation etc)
Why are you interested in management consulting? Where did this interest come from?
Have researched a business issue that is in the news at the moment or has been recently- what are the implications of this issue? I talked about the Royal Mail strikes. They might ask u how Consulting could help this company. This part is crucial
Have an example (or 2) about a time u have worked in a team. what was ur contribution? (will def be asked)

Know these questions inside out and you will be well on your way. Don’t write them out and then read them in the interview- they will be able to tell that u are doing so!

You are right, they make you feel very comfortable, and I found it was actually a very pleasant interview (and it was my first one)- but I prepared well.

Thanks for the wishes, best of luck to you too


The interview was 40 minutes but it seemed a lot shorter


Hi guys,

When did you submit your application?

I submitted mine nearly one month ago, but still under reviewing.

I also applied consulting business, but not Management, is actuarial.



It may be that Actuarial has a closing date which some of the others (including consulting) don’t. If this is the case you might not hear until after this date but it might be worth calling the graduate recruitment hotline.


I called the graduate hotline every week.

but they always told me you should get feedback next week. until now, i have not got feedback…


Hi! Jancelyn, I also applied for an Actuarial graduate role (HRS)…I don’t think they have a deadline. I submitted my application on 29 Sept and on 14 Oct I got an invitation for the online tests. Which part of actuarial are you applying for?


Hi Irina,

I applied Insurance role, yours is human resourse, is it?

I just checked my email and receive online invitation 10 mins ago…

Keep in touch with our applicaiton process. and we could help each other. Thanks


Congrats for your invitation. Yes, I’m appling for Actuarial-HRS. I’ve just finished my verbal test now. I did the numerical test yesterday, which I found quite okay. I’m a bit worried and impatient to know how it went, esecially the verbal one. I wonder how long will it take to let me know the outcome.
It would be nice to keep in touch about the process.
Anyway, good luck with preparing for the tests!!!


Thanks bh86, for your help in allaying my worries and for the luck. Wonder if anyone here has had any experience of the PWC consulting assessment centre partner interview since they probably will start in November. If any of my friends had done pwc consulting in previous year, I’ll post it here to give ppl more familiarity with the process. They all seemed to have done it for Deloitte and that is well documented on these forums.



@bh86: Congrats for getting past the first round and letting us know your experiences. All the best for the next one.

@cka: Have you finished your first round as well? How did it go?

I will be also having my telephone interview next week. Fingers crossed. I was just wondering if they do grill us on the ideal client which we mentioned in the application or is that in the next stage?

Hope we can have this thread up and running for all the management consulting applicants. cheers.


HI all,

Does PwC use the SHL tests for the online numericals?

@ bh86,

Had you applied for the Autumn intake or the April one?
Please let us know your partner interview experience once you are done with it. Good luck for the same!


@ bh86

I have my final assessment day at the end of November.

I was wondering if you have had yours already, and if you could kindly share information on the whole assessment process (minus the numerical/logical tests).


Hi Pink788,

When is your assessment day and which office? I have one end of November too in London!


have any of you gone through the management consulting assessmen day? how was the experience?


Hi all!

Has anyone attended the Actuarial Assessment Centre?

I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips and pointers as I have mine soon.



hi guys,

I had one for Assurance last week, not sure if i would help but if you wanted tips on that PM me.


How long does it take them to get back to you after the AC? I had mine on Thursday last week, and still havent heard anything back, im guessing this is a bad sign as most people on here who have got an offer seem to have had a reply within 1 working day!


Hi bh86 and everyone else who has posted here too…

I am very interested in consulting, but I was wondering HOW MUCH does the graduate position in management consulting pay annually exactly, if you don’t mind sharing with us?
I actually have a Consulting offer with another of the big 4, but I also hv an interview for this with pwc coming up so i was trying to weigh up any and every difference btw these 2 if possible…I definitely respect PwC’s capabilities in this area very much hence my question.

THANKS if anyone can answer this precisely, my friend who just got a pwc Economics consulting job offer is being paid exactly GBP29k so I guess it’s entirely the same for their management consulting, and perhaps also for strategy consulting?