PwC Consulting April 2013


Has anybody applied to the management consulting programme for 2013? I have had a partner interview the Friday before last and still not heard anything. Does anybody have anything useful to share? The partner did say I had to wait up to two weeks to hear back this is the second week, is this normal?



I also had a final interview for this intake, Weds before last. They didn’t take this long to get back for the previous stages, but I suppose the final stage needs a bit more careful consideration!


Did the partner mention a time-scale to you? Other posts on wikijob suggest that they usually get back in a few days after the partner interview. How did you feel your interview went?


I thought it went pretty well… the guy said a few weeks so I wasn’t expecting a quick reply either way. How about you?


Yeah same here, he said two weeks but it seemed to go against the norm, which left me worried. Hopefully should hear something this week. Do you remember who your interviewer was?


I called them up and they said they will let me in 5 days. 5 days later they emailed saying they are still reviewing and will let me know shortly. Any news from you?


Nope, still nothing. I’m pretty much taking it as a “no”. Have you heard yet?


A person from HR rang me on Friday saying that they had a meeting between HR and the interviewers and that they made decisions on that day. He explained that they had been very busy still dealing with 2012 applications.

He told me that my interviewer was not able to make the meeting so they still don’t have an answer, but that he would let me know next week (this week) you should call them up and find out what’s going on.


Got an offer, woohoo! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! So did I!


I’ve got my partner interview for consulting at PWC next week. What sort of questions were you asked? Have you got any advice? That goes to pellegrino too.


Hi rtrave2, my interview consisted mainly of the final competencies listed on the pwc site.

He asked questions like tell me how you build relationships, when you learnt something new and how i went about it, how i would manage work with other personal activities, a time when i delivered good customer service.

I wasn’t asked why pwc, but i made sure to tell him and i wasn’t asked commercial awareness questions but i mentioned recent issues in passing which showed him i was up to date.

The partners are really good and making you feel easy and comfortable and so long as you keep enthusiastic you should be fine.

All the best


Thanks pellegrino


I know that my question might be out of topic but I dont know where to post it. I am applying for a graduate program of PWC. As I have very little working experience, I am confused when choosing the business line to apply. I am considering between Audit and Transaction. Anyone can give me ideas about them?
As PWC UK focuses on Tax and Transaction more than Audit. The number of positions available for Transaction are more than those for Audit. Any advice for the chance of getting through the next round of recruitment ? (As I am international student who needs visa sponsorship, I think I will easily be wept out from the screening phase)
Thank you so much for your help


Hey! I’m joining Pwc in april 2013 and I was wondering if there was a facebook page set up already? Also, for London starters, if people would like to get a flat/ house together?


Is the AC the same format this year as it has been in previous years?, e.g. numerical,diagram tests, written report, group exercise



CXU112, the AC format is exactly the same as you suggest.


Hi, I am going to take a telephone interview a few days later, could anyone please suggest what sort of questions I will be asked? I know the interview is gonna be competency based. However while preparing it, I find it hard to bring up an example to demonstrate the qualities explicitly. Could anyone give some hint?