PwC Consulting 2015 September Intake. First&Second round interviews + in office assessment



Hello everyone,

I was interviewed by 2 senior managers. They were so friendly and they made me feel comfortable and confident from the first minute I spoke to them. They had my CV in front of them and we basically went over my CV. They first question they asked was why I want to work for PwC. Then, I was asked about a recent situation I was out of my comfort zone and what did I do to overcome this situation. What was the outcome and what did I learn. They asked me about my course in University, why did I choose Accounting. They also asked me specific questions about my qualifications so make sure you know your CV very well. They took me off guard when they asked me about the day to day activities in the office. Obviously I brought up the preparation of financial reports and statements, accounts, ledgers, budgets, forecasting, coming across a variety of clients and industries, getting to know their business and provide then high quality work. However this is not what you are going to do on a daily basis. You should be prepared to do less exciting things such entering data into a spreadsheet, sending emails, printing documents etc. And you should know that as a graduate intake, even though you will work on your own occasionally, most of the time you will work as part of a team. Btw for international students who worry about their accent, don’t! As long as you grammar is correct and your speech clear, you have nothing to worry about. Overall, the interview couldn’t go any better, until at the end they asked me whether I have any questions for them. And unfortunately I didn’t. I was supposed to ask them about the day to day activities but they had already answered this questions. They insisted whether I want to ask something by I panicked and couldn’t come up with a question. I though that this ruined everything because after I got home I read that it is crucial to ask something at the end of the interview. However…they called me back on the same day asking me whether I am still interested in the position and arranging the second interview and an in-office assessment.

When the second assessment was arranged I’ve been told that is going to be easy and that I don’t even have to prepare. I didn’t believe that so I spent a lot of time stressing out and preparing for verbal and numerical tests. My bad. Because the assessment was to write a formal report for your manager, one that he is going to present to his client. The report should be at least 1xA4 page long and maximum 2xA4 pages. You have 30 minutes for that. You are given a brief, which the person who does the assessment reads out loud for you one time before the 30 minutes start. The brief is pretty short, 4/5 paragraphs-4 lines each. I never got a feedback so I cannot advice you as to what to write. The brief was about a chocolate company that wants to enter the chocolate biscuit industry but does not have the equipment to do it on its own. You have to suggest which company it should go in contract with in order to enter the chocolate biscuit industry.

During my second interview, again I was interviewed by 2 senior managers (different this time) but the interview was similar. They had my CV in front of them and they were asking me specific questions about my qualifications and everything that I have done but in much more detail that the first time. Specific questions they asked were 1) tell us about a time when you had to work in a team, what was your role, what difficulties did you face, what would you do differently next time, 2)why PwC, 3)what are the day to day activities, 4)how would my friends describe me, 5)how am I planning to combine working and studying for my ACA qualifications at the same time. At the end they asked me whether I have any questions for them and this time I was prepared! First, I asked whether we have time, then I carried on with the following questions:
-What will be the challenges I will face during my first 3 months here
-I have read about ‘the world is in beta’, what exactly does PwC do for that? They did not know about this so I explained to them what I have read and said what I think is the role of PwC in that and they agreed.

  • (I addressed this question to one of the senior managers) You said you’ve been in PwC for 10 years, how did you rise to the position of a senior manager?

I left the second interview not so satisfied because if during the first interview I could see that they were satisfied with my answers, during the second interview I could see that they wanted more detail, more depth. I received a call from them 2 weeks after the second interview asking whether I have completed all the assessments. Because I have not done the online tests they said they will take care of that! Because the interview was supposed to take place on a later date but was rescheduled for earlier as I had to leave the country I do not really know whether I did well in my second interview because I was supposed to get an answer after my second interview and instead I was asked whether I have done the online tests.