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Pwc offer a graduate trainee scheme, but for career changers. Does anyone have any experience of this? Obviously the application form will vary I imagine from the usual Graduate ones. I come from the background of having recruited for finance and professional services staff but my only finance experience has been 2 week work experience in a ftse 100 credit control dept. I would like to apply for generalist, but am looking at tax /audit and need some advice. where do i begin?! My academics after GCSE aren’t strong (BCC at A level in Arts subjects.)

Any help would be wonderful



What exactly do you want to do at [[PwC]]? What is it that you want to achieve afterwards? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?



Thats the thing Im not sure as I have never really had any career advice.

I want to qualify as an accountant, finance has always interested me as a career. I ended up recruiting for finance people such as Financial Controllers etc, to move towards the field, and felt it is something I would be successful at. Due to circumstances at school I ended up doing things like History and English rather than Maths or Science although I do have a Business and Economics A level.

I like project work and travel I thought that perhaps audit would be a good route to go down? However I have two friends who have done the big 4 thing and are qualified and both mentioned independently that tax would also be a good option. I am right at the beginning of my investigations and research into applying hence looking for some guidance??

In five years I would like to be qualified and gaining experience, settled in a department with a role that has a degree of responsibility, travel and a variety in the work I would be doing. Not asking for too much I hope?

Thanks so much!


In which case clearly the most sensible thing is a graduate scheme at the one of the [[big 4]] in either [[audit & assurance|audit]] or [[tax]]. I don’t think you would be disappointed either way. Audit will offer you many more travel opportunities to visit clients (I had plenty) whereas [[tax]] is mostly office based.

It’s worth pointing out that the work on a graduate scheme, especially for [[audit]], is very monotonous- things only start to really lighten up after you qualify!

And finally, yes, I think you’re demands are very reasonable.