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  1. is it too bad to work in South East office than London in terms of salaries and size of clients?
  2. is it easy to switch to other offices/departments/services?
  3. which service is the most profitable and has the best exit options?
  4. which audit specialisation would be best for investment banking or board member etc?
  5. can you opt to do a CFA instead of ACA?
  6. how much are the salaries for the next 10 years in audit?


I’ll try and answer your questions below from my experience.

  1. Salaries in South East (home counties etc.) tend to be around 3-4k less than London
  2. You can usually switch into other dpts quite easily once qualifying (with the exception of Corporate Finance which A LOT of people try to move sideways into but the chances of being successful with CF is highly unlikely)
  3. Tax has some good exit opportunities in terms of money. If you want to stay in audit-assurance" target="_blank">Audit but are financially motivated, you’ll want to get as much experience in FS audit e.g. Banks, Insurance and move into financial services later on. This is usually done by some after qualifying.
  4. Same as 3)
  5. You can’t generally do CFA in Audit roles at any accounting firms. I mean, you could put in a special request but unfortunately I doubt it’d be successful. Even the guys working in Corporate Finance at accounting firms inc. Big 4 do ACA. CFA tends to be studied only by those working in Consulting or people working outside of accounting firms.
  6. Not sure what you meant exactly by this one but if you want to know what salary progression is like then generally you get a rise of 1-2k each year on successful completion of exams, and then after qualifying you might go up to around 40k-45k.
    Hope this helps


You’ll get more responses posting these as separate questions in this forum.