PwC Business Recovery


So I just accepted an offer from PwC as an advisory associate in the Business Recovery department, as described at I understand how important the first job is for us as fresh grads, so I am rather anxious to know what are the common exit opportunities for business recovery associates? Or more specifically, would it help to keep an option of switching to investment banking in 2-4 years?

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your ideas!


You’ll more than likely end up being more of an audit trainee than an advisory trainee. Exit options would end up the same as audit trainee. And two years is probably too early for an exit, you’ll more than likely need to complete the 3 year training period.


Thanks Boogie, I’m quite surprised to know of its similarity to an audit trainee, because I was told that our job requires a through understanding of company law rather than audit standards, but of course they’re not mutually exclusive. I’m also a CFA Level 2 candidate, would it satisfy CFA’s working experience requirement as an advisory associate? Auditor is among the sample jobs on CFA’s website.


Yeah, audit also requires an understanding of company law. In fact as an audit trainee, you’re less likely to use audit standard - you just follow an audit template when you carry out an audit.

I imagine you’ll be perfectly fine with the CFA and long term, that might actually work out a lot better for you than you other trainees who won’t be doing the CFA however, if I am correct, in BRS, you have to do the CA/ACA don’t you? If you do, you might struggle with juggling your CFA exams and your CA/ACA exams.


Hey Ernie, I have applied for the graduate position in the Business Recovery line…I am also a CFA Level 2 candidate and kind of have the same line of thought as yours…nyway im at the online question stage; the question about my ideal client, what services PwC can provide that client and what business development or trend is affecting this client…can you give me any pointers on how to answer this question or maybe how you went about with this question??? thanks.


Guys focus on the job in hand …
Not the exit strategy.