PwC Birmingham Office 2015 - Senior Interview help required !!


Hey everyone !!

I’ve got a senior interview next Thursday at the Birmingham office !!

I was wondering whether anyone could give me any tips in regards to the interview (since I was given very little from the recruiter for this stage), and would there be any questions specific to the Birmingham’s branch ? e.g. their clients etc ?

So far, I’ve had mixed feedbacks from people saying that it would be an informal chat (my friend works in another branch and he recalled the same), whereas others experienced a very intense sessions. If so, would some of the questions from the telephone interview be recycled ?

Sorry if my questions are all over the place and vague in general, but im feeling quite lost.

Kind Regards



Hi Bobby,

The reason you have heard different feedback from people is because the structure/ style of the interview is dependent on which partner/ director is leading it. Each interviewer gets a structure in terms of area of questioning that they must cover and so there are similar questions with each interview. They are also all trained on how to give interviews in alignment with the firms ideals. However, they can decide on any additional questions asked and each has their own style!

I would try to do a bit of research around who you have as an interviewer.

I hope this helps! Good luck.