PwC Birmingham - Forensic Techology Solutions (FTS)



Has anyone ever applied for this?

Hoping someone could help me with this on the app form:

[I]PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success.

From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success (maximum 150 words)? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.*[/I]

Also, would any of the process be different from that in the sticky/main article, which is more for other roles within the company?


Mister K


We had a quick look at that here:


Hi Chris,

Should I not use something more relevant to my line of work?
As it happens, I know nothing about Finance etc.


Oh I see. I missed the bit about forensic technology solutions. FTS, as you probably know, is primarily for use in dispute settlement between companies, or to support an internal audit or fraud investigation.

I suspect this will be a bit tricky to answer; clearly the question is targeted at people applying to finance related graduate schemes. In my opinion, I would reference forensic technology in an answer to this question by showing:
[]How it can help an internal audit
]How it can help an internal fraud investigation (most firms experience some kind of internal fraud every so often)
[*]How it can mitigate or evaluate the risk of litigation, current or future, for a client.

I would say you should also at least make reference to the other finance related lines of service of PwC, which is of course the firm’s primary business.

You should be aiming to clearly demonstrate:
[]An understanding of forensic technology solutions, what it does, and how it can help clients
]An understanding of PwC what services it offers to clients

Hope that’s a little more useful!


Thanks Chris, will give it a go.