PwC Belfast pay


I’m beginning a position in the autumn in PwC Belfast in assurance (I’m a graduate, position is trainee CA), a position which I gained in winter '08. At the time, the contract which I received and signed stated my base pay as £13,000…I subsequently deferred for a year, and I haven’t heard anything since to say the pay for graduate trainees has changed, but have noticed on reading the Embark website etc that the minimum pay ranges I have seen are actually around £20,000!! Does anyone know if the pay ranges have gone up, or are Belfast employees paid significantly less than the rest of the UK?! I would love to get a letter some day soon saying it was actually going to be higher!!


I’ve just received an offer for Autumn 2011 in PwC Belfast (Graduate ACA Assurance) and the offer says £13,000 plus around £1000 including extras and holiday pay. Does anyone know how long it stays this low for? Most of the other jobs I’m looking at are paying around £25k… it just seems a bit low, even for Belfast.

I understand that I’m not qualified and I’m only working realistically 8 months a year because of exams, but I don’t think I can survive 3 years on 13k!!!


I jus recieved an offer for advisory in Belfast and its shockingly low.I was expecting somewhere around 28-30.and they are paying jus bit more than haf of what i expected.i am an international dnt have much idea about Belfast.
Exactly how cheap is Belfast???How much would the monthly expenses be to live a decent life in belfast?

Any thoughts??