PWC Belfast Graduate role in Consulting



Is there anybody else who had a partner interview at PWC belfast for Consulting?I had mine last week and havent yet heard from them…:frowning:



Hi G,

I can’t help with your question as I have my interview with a parnter in Assurance/Forensics next week, but I was wondering if you would be able to remember any of the questions they asked you?

Hope you found out in the end!



Hi Z,

The interview was a competency based one.However your examples might lead the partner to ask separate Qs.There was also a HR with the partner.

I remember few Qs:
Give me an example of a time when you had to meet a deadline.
If you missed your deadline,how and what will you tell your client.
If a member of your group is not co-operating how do you deal with him.Give an example.
What do you do other than your studies to develop your skills?
Why have you chosen the course and what have you learnt from your course?
What will you bring to PwC?
Why are you successful in a group?
What is your working style?

I havent heard from them yet.:frowning:
I emailed the HR who took my interview.She said the partner went out of country and they are waiting for inputs from him.
Dnt know if thats a way of avoiding or the truth.
Not hoping anything now.

Hope you find the Qs useful.