PwC (Basic) Assessment Centre - Assurance - 2012


Dear all,

Has anyone had a basic AC for audit/tax with PwC recently, there are many old posts and they’ve changed their recruitment system as I’m aware.

Has anyone got any insight into what the partner asks? Any advice? Is there another interview if your successful after this stage?



hi, I’m having an assessment centre with PwC soon too!! I don’t think there is a partner interview in the assessment centre anymore. They’ll arrange the partner interview in a later date if you are successful at the assessment centre.


Yeah just realised, does anyone know what kinda qs your asked in your senior interview? Would be really helpful!



I think the senior interview as stated in the email confirmation is the partner interview. I don’t think they have changed their automated emails cos I just asked someone who has done it and they said there was no interview at all in the assessment centre. hope that helps.


Hi I have my telephone interview for PWC coming up very soon and i just wanted to ask you if you had any ideas over the question they will ask



hi I had mytelephone interview and passed.
if you have any questions please ask me.

also, has anyone had their AC? if so can you give me a few tips?


Hi hello123,

Well done on passing your telephone interview. I have a face-to-face interview coming up next week for Tax 2012. I would love to know what sort of questions you were asked in the telephone interview!



Hey Emmet, focus mostly on competencies, competencies and competencies…Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi, I have received an invitation for an assessment centre for assurance. Any guidance/help would be muuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccch appreciated :smiley: xx


Any advice for the ac? If you need help with the telephone interview let me know!


When does everyone had their assessment centre arranged for?
Where and for what role?

Any experiences to share? Ive completed the telephone interview.



When does everyone had their assessment centre arranged for?
Where and for what role?

Any experiences to share? Ive completed the telephone interview.



Quick question, during the first interview when they ask about the service lines PWC provide, would you just talk about the 6 offered to graduates or the 12 offered to general businesses. I dont want to run the risk of stating the 6 and miss out another 6 but my problem is explaing the total 12 will take me about 10 minutes :S - these are the 12 service lines, and im hoping you guys know the graduate ones i.e. tax, consulting, audit etc

any help would very much be appreciated


@felics For that particular question, I think they are looking to see if you have a solid understanding of PwC’s role in the business as a professional service provider. So instead of listing every service on the website, try to group them into 3-4 categories and give one-liner statements on each. This clearly shows them that you understand their role by heart. Hope this helps.

Anyone here had their assessment day? If anyone could give a brief breakdown of the process and the backgrounds of cases they have gotten, it would really be appreciated!!


hi everyone,
just passed my telephone interview yesterday and now preparing for the assessment centre. So far, all the available slots for the assessment day are all in locations outside london but am currently in london. May I ask, what is the implication of booking an assessment centre in a particular location? does it impact on where you may eventually work?
A piece of advice will be very much appreciated!!



no impact


hey everyone im applying to tax and have just passed my first interview. ive yet to book my assessment centre which gives dates going from late NOV to start of DEC

anyone else waiting book an assessment centre?

Plus can anyone give me advice on the group assessment. Any tips and what did you discuss etc?

Does the AC just consist of numerical, diagrammatically and group based tests?


There is also a report writing exercise.


hi felics,
have you booked yet?



I have an assessment day this week for a position in Assurance, my email confirmed I would be taking a numerical and verbal reasoning test, but no mention of the diagrammatic test. I am slightly concerned as I have not prepared for the latter type of test. Has anyone had an assessment day with just numerical and verbal tests?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated