PwC banking audit group in London

Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs


Thank you for your previous replies and sorry to trouble you again.
Out of interest, do you happen to know how many people (roughly) work in the banking and capital markets audit group at PwC in London. I know that there are about 220 at Deloitte and so I was trying to see if the PwC group was much bigger since, at first sight, both appear to have similar numbers of banking clients ie
Deloitte: RBS, Abbey, Alliance and Leicester, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, ABN Amro (soon)
PwC: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Lloyds, Barclays Capital, Nationwide, Commerzbank

Thank you.

Out of interest, does the PwC banking group in London do any work on the Nationwide audit?


I’m guessing the answer is somewhere between two and three hundred, but it could be as many as four or five. I worked in the insurance and investment management division, and there were easily several hundred people working there. There was no chance we’d all fit in the office if we were all there at once.

On the whole, ifyou want to do banking, I’d go for [[PwC]] because they’re foothold in financial services is very substantial more than any other firm by quite a long way.

In answer to your question about Nationwide, yes [[PwC]] are the auditors of Nationwide, and the banking group will work on this client. If you have any tie or connection to Nationwide, you will not be permitted to work on the audit.