PwC background verification


I received a letter from PwC confirming my acceptance of their offer almost 5 weeks ago and have not heard anything since. Nothing confirming that they have completed background checks successfully or that they have had any issues.

Is this normal, if they completed them without any issues do they usually let you know? Is it a good thing I have not heard from them regarding these checks? How long should it take?


I would recommend calling your graduate recruitment contact and asking for an update


If you are an overseas student you will have to wait for a while, if you are a native, you have to contact them to find out why…

good lucl


according to their pre-joiner website, you will only hear from them if they need anything extra from you or if they find any errors. You will not hear from them once the checks have been completed i.e. no news is good news… the declaration you signed with your offer pack is all they need to carry out background checks on you.


Anybody received their starter pack for London (satellite) offices? Not long to go now! Just curious




all the information for pre joining should be available on the embark website - details of which were sent out by student recruitment


I’ve been checking the website and there is nothing available. I haven’t received anything from student recruitment. Have you received your starter pack yet?