PwC Audit London 2013 - Just got made an offer. Here to help.


WikiJobs helped me so much in getting an offer it’s only fair I give back.

Found out 2 days after my interview that I got made an offer. This topic is only really to help with the final interview as my assessment centre was a long time ago for one reason or another, so can’t remember too much and there’s loads of other posts that can help with that.

After reading it in so many posts and not believing it, I can confirm that the final round is really about your personable skills and ability to hold a conversation (alongside the competencies). I think it is still worth learning commercial and contemporary affairs, more so to help supplement your conversation. It really is a conversation, not a rigid Q&A session. Bounce back of what your interviewer says, don’t just sit and wait for the next question. You can even go off on a tangent as long as it ultimately relates back to the original question.


Hello everyone,

Those who got an offer can join following FB Group. It is not the official group as invitation to that one will be sent just before the start in September.