PWC Audit 2015 April intake. First round interview


Has anybody been through the process yet?? Could somebody please enlighten me on if the telephone interview is any different to last year with the new competencies and all. What questions did you get.

Thank you


Hey, have you had yours by any chance? If so, how was it? Similar to previous years?


Hey. I just had the telephone interview for the April 2015 intake and these are the main questions I was asked-

  1. A recent business issue that I have been reading, how did you keep up to date with it and how can PwC offer its services to them?

  2. Time I have had to juggle my priorities to meet a deadline. How did I do it? What was the outcome?

  3. Time I had difficultly in managing a project?

  4. Time when I overcame an obstacle; what did I do differently and what was the hardest part regarding it?

  5. A time when I had to confront a colleague/classmate or report a colleague?

  6. A time when I had to make a decision and my manager/tutor wasn’t around to guide me?

  7. Time when I received positive and negative feedback?

  8. Time when you made relationships outside work or class?

  9. There was also a question regarding adaptability but don’t remember it exactly.

No questions were asked regarding, why PwC, audit, ACA etc.

You should be fine if you prepare well for all the questions you can find here at Wikijob.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi @nihal566! thank you so much for sharing the questions! they were very helpful :slight_smile: i passed my interview and was wondering if you know anything about the assessment center? i attended an AC in Feb but I reckon their competencies have changed ever since. Do you know if the structure is still the same?

many thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats for passing your telephone interview. I have an assessment centre scheduled for tomorrow and the structure is the same as before. There will be-

  1. Written exercise (30 minutes)
  2. Group discussion (20 minutes to read and 20 minutes to discuss) and
  3. Numerical and logical tests (each lasting 20 minutes each).

Hope that helps.


*30 minutes actually to discuss, so in total ‘group discussion’ will be 50 minutes.


Thank you for the information. When did you guys receive the outcome for the telephone interview?


Thank you very much @Nihal566! good luck with your AC! please can you give some details after tomorrow so know whether it has changed from last time!



ReqMT, i heard back from PwC within 2 working days of my telephone interview! good luck :slight_smile:


@ReqMT, I heard back from them in three working days.

@syedaali, thanks. I completed my assessment centre and I can say it was the same as the the previous one I had. There were 12 of us in total and the

1)The first exercise was the psychometric tests. For the numerical, we had to complete 20 questions in 20 minutes and for the logical, it was 40 questions in 20 minutes. They were not that hard and I found it similar to the online ones.

  1. The next one was the written exercise. It lasted 30 minutes and the task was to suggest options in order to make businesses reduce their water usage.
    This exercise is highly time pressured but you should be alright if you follow a good structure.

  2. The last exercise was the group discussion where we had 20 minutes to read and 30 minutes to discuss. Everyone got a common 16 page booklet along with an individual option. The task was to help a client chose one option to improve their sustainability credentials.
    I personally think I could have done better on this one but on the whole if you can follow the hints you find here at wikijob, you should be fine.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


dear nihal566
just to confirm how is the psychometric test at AC my initial test was average but i was exceptional with the logical test ,no 1 how the screening done , are the two test done at once then combined to find your percentile or its one at a time like if you dont pass in numerical you dont continue more details about the psychometric test also what’s the best test provider to use for numerical best of luck with you ac results


Thank you very much @nihal566! Do have any tips about showing their new PwC professional during the group exercise?

Hi adeyemitosin681, I went for an AC in February and the tests were quite similar to SHL ones. And I think they average out the results, like we were tested for the online ones :slight_smile: when is your AC? my one’s on the 21st in london! good luck!


Hi @syeda.ali Did you get the same question as @nihai566 shared?


Hey Vena.kak! The questions were quite similar but following are the questions I was asked :

  1. What can you tell me about the job you have applied for?
  2. What do you know about the ACA qualification?
  3. Why do you want to do the ACA qualification?
  4. Time you have received feedback on something.
  5. Time you have actively sought feedback and done something differently afterwards.
  6. Time when you managed several deadlines. How did you keep track of your progress?
  7. Time you had to resolve an issue with a colleague. How did you feel about that? How did your colleague take it?
  8. Time you had to solve a tough problem. What factors did you consider?
  9. Time you had to complete a task with little guidance.
  10. Time you sought different perspectives to solve a problem.
  11. Time you had to solve a problem without help from superior/manager.
  12. Time when you made relationships outside work or class.
  13. A recent business story you have been following.
  14. Time I had difficulty in managing a project?
  15. Time when I overcame an obstacle; what did I do differently and what was the hardest part regarding it?

Hope it helps :slight_smile: good luck!


Thanks you so much for sharing the question!


Has anyone had a partner interview for the April 2015 Assurance intake?


Does anyone know how long PwC takes to get back after the AC? I had mines a week ago and they said within 5 working days (standard), but today was the 5th working day and nothing… Anyone heard of experiences where it took longer than 5 days to hear back?

I know time length isn’t a predictor whether you’re through to the next stage or not, and I don’t think I did as well as I should anyways, but it would be good to still know within the specified time frame lol.


same here…i had mine on 21st and still no news. I tried to call them but was only advised to be patient.


Hello every one,

I hope you all are in good faith. I wanted to get some information from you people regarding the assessment centre as I am in the process of applying for an internship with PwC. Any information will be appreciated and one specific question that I have is what was the topic in written exercise and how do you guys manage to read 16 pages in 10 minutes.



Is there anyone who attended 29 September Assessment Centre in London? the office close to London Bridge.