PwC Audit 2013


Somebody please help me. I need tips for telephonic interview. What do I expect?


My telephone interview was purely competency questions. Check the website and make sure that you have at least 2 examples for each competency. I had notes for each example laid out in bullet points and used those when I got stuck. Also, make sure that you’ve got an example you understand quite well for the commercial awareness question because they do ask follow-up questions.


livefires do you remember the questions they asked you in the interview?


Hi ducesa,

I’m afraid I can’t remember the questions as my telephone interview was nearly 1 year ago now! From what I remember though, the forums here were very helpful and the questions I was asked didn’t deviate too greatly from what you’ll find on here. They were all based around the competencies listed on the website so the best thing you can do really is to think of as many examples of each competency as you can and have at least 2 for each.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, liverfires. I just submitted the application and going to start the interview preparation in the full swing now. One more thing: Do I need to know about the accounting related updates like the audit reform or international convergence in detail for the telephone interview? Also will I only be asked about only one business story or should I know all that’s hitting the headlines these days?


My experience of the interview process last year was as above - lots of competency based questions, linking very closely and clearly with the competencies outlined on the website. komkom, I would advise on having a bit of knowledge about audit reform proposals - I wasn’t asked about it last year, but I think it’s very important and possibly a deal breaker if it came up and you didnt know much about it.
I was asked to discuss a recent news story, and the follow up question was ‘how can pwc help?’. I was only asked about one business story, but they went on to ask me about the 2008 recession as it was slightly related.
The interviewer was friendly and it was all very laid back and straightforward, so good luck!

Could anybody tell me where I can find out if a particular company is a client of pwc?



I just had my phone interview. Absolutely no small talk, he just went straight into the competency questions. He read through the competency and then asked for an example to do with the competency. Then he asked me what I would do differently if I were in a similar situation in the future. I was so nervous, really don’t think I will get through. So devastated, I thought he would chat to me for a bit so I could calm down. If I could do it again, I would have exactly what I want to say down in bullet points on the competencies with suggestions for how I would change things in the future. Make sure you know the examples really well! He only asked me for one per competency. It only went for 40 mins.


The questions I was asked were:

How do you keep up to date with business and financial news?
Tell me about a piece of business news that interests you? Tell me what you know about this and how it will affect the businesses involved.
The rest were all very generic questions about working in a team, resolving conflict, organisational skills, leadership roles, etc.


I talked about the potential law to require mandatory audit rotation. I said this was an issue for auditors as it would not allow them to develop as strong of relationships with their clients. But is meant to stop a conflict of interests from arising. I was just thrown off a bit because I was expecting someone a bit friendlier. You will be fine! It’s actually quite easy to prepare for, no surprise questions or anything. Good luck!


Emma90, a quick Google gave me this for current clients:

A quick glance down it looks about right for the list they supplied with my offer so it should serve your needs!

Komkom, I would definitely recommend knowing a bit about the audit reform but don’t worry about getting bogged down with the details. If you can summarise the proposals and outline what it could mean for PwC and their clients then you should be fine. As for business news, I’d make sure you know one article really well, choose something that genuinely interests you, and maybe have an outline for another just in case. They won’t be expecting you to know and be able to discuss everything that’s currently hitting the headlines!

Mr90, sorry to hear your interview was a little shaky. All I can say is try not to think about it too much, they’re expecting you to be nervous and will take this into account. I was sure I’d screwed my phone interview up completely and yet I managed to get through! Good luck!


Hi stringbeanjean,

Hope everything goes well for you, sounds like you did fine!

Thankyou so much for posting the questions. If you don’t mind me asking what did you say about the ethical questions? I’ve been really stumped because I genuinely can’t think of any example where I have been made to do something unethical?

Thank you again. My interview is close now and feel a little under prepared but hope it’s okay.


thank you so much for your help! I have been invited to take the online tests. Let’s see how it goes. Will be posting regularly as my process proceeds.

One more question, were there no Career Motivation questions at all like why pwc, why audit, why accounting?


Komkom, I did get asked why pwc. I just talked about market share and superior training. Their financial statement actually has lots of info about what differentiates pwc. I’d definitely recommend reading it.


I just had my phone interview for the Assurance scheme starting in 2013. The interviewer was very friendly and spent the first few minutes going over the structure of the interview. I’m probably repeating the questions people have already put up here, but these are the questions I was asked:

What do you know about the ACA qualification?
How will you got about studying for it?
Why did you choose this scheme?
How do you keep up to date with the latest business news?
Discuss a piece of business news that has interested you?
Tell me a about a time you had a conflicting view to a team member,
A time you worked in a team to achieve a difficult goal.
A time you’ve had to undertake multiple projects.
A time you’ve overcome a problem when working on a project.
A time you have completed something with little instruction.
A time you have been asked to do something unethical? This doesn’t have to be in the workplace.
A time you have seen something unethical.
A time you have adapted your working style to suit others.

These are the only direct questions I was asked however be prepared to be asked what you from the examples you give and what you would have done differently. My interview lasted half an hour and I personally feel I did badly to average but we shall see. Oh and there is also a chance to ask questions at the end.

Hope this helps and good luck to anyone who has an upcoming interview.


THANK YOU guys! This is really helpful. From what I have gathered, I should only concentrate on the ‘1st interview competencies’ mentioned on the website for now.

I just got an invite to take the online tests now fingers crossed


Congratulations, stringbeanjean! When did you book your AC for? Just want an idea how much time one has to prepare for AC after the 1st interview.


Hi, how long did they take to contact you after your tele interview?


Anybody had any experiences with the assessment centre for the 2013 intake? Any tips?


I am in a similar situation. Just been told I have got an assessment centre on monday. Anyone able to share experiences?


I have been Invited the the Assessment centre end of this month. Any tips/advice will be greatly appreciated