PwC Assurance vs TS


Got a dilemma and need some help.

Applied last October to TS and got through to partner round in January but have been on hold since as they filled all positions. Recently got told they still don’t know numbers for 2013 entry but will interview in January and no earlier. I asked to just switch to Assurance as I couldn’t bear to wait any longer and interview is booked for 2 weeks time but I am now remembering how much I wanted TS and am tempted to just switch back and accept the wait.

What should I do? Anyone got any idea about numbers for this year ie if many are making TS applications? One of my reasons for switching to Assurance was I thought my chances would be better but Assurance applications have increased so much that maybe TS would actually be safer.

In my ideal world I would take TS.

Help please?


There’s no difference I believe. You should keep TS and wait for a partner interview. If positions are filled before they interview you, you can then ask to be moved to Assurance.
When you reach the last stages of the application process, getting the job doesn’t depend on how many people applied for the same position but how well you prepared for your final interview. In other words, it’s all down to how you perform. Good Luck.