PwC Assurance- UnderGraduate Headstart Generalist


Guys Im new to this forum. Ive also applied for PwC Assurance(Autumn intake). Well first of all, I read over some other blogs that PwC requires an essay to go with your application. The essay question the same as the “ideal client” one. I recently submitted my application and there was no such thing as Ideal Client essay. Within a day i got the response as PwC sent me a link to take an Online Reasoning test. I took the test and the following week I was told that PwC wishes to progress my application further! :slight_smile:

The next step was, unsurprisingly to write an essay of about 500 words on the question i dreaded all along. Who would be your ideal client and what services etc etc.

thought about it for a while and decided to opt for ADIDAS Group as my Ideal client. I’ve done a little survey on their Financial position and i could see that Adidas is not performing at par. Their Profits are on the decline and their market share seems severely threatened by strong presence of Nike. Operating overheads and costs are on the rise whereas Sales revenue shows consistency. Even the mergers are not living up to their supposed standards… Theres more to it plus the backing of statistical numbers!

I think that Pwc could help Adidas by providing the following services(2 examples):
Audit and Assurance(from auditing of financial statements to setting up controls etc etc) Who doesnt needs the Audit service!

Consultancy(From assesing operational efficiency to addressing the issues regarding outsourcing, Cost cutting etc)

My question is am I moving in the right direction or is my understanding too vague? Forgot to mention that I have applied for Undergraduate Headstart programme in Assurance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I would Pm someone from PwC. Im sure someone can steal this!


I would Pm someone from PwC. Im sure someone can steal this!


And if that happens, I’d make a fool out of myself. I realised that u cant delete a post once it has been published! :frowning:


Hi guys,

I applied for headstart generalist, tax human resource counsuting 2011 and now they’ve asked me to complete the same “ideal client” question. I have no idea on how to tackle the question?? any strong ideas anywhere…plzzz need some guidance!!


Hey kaji,
Im almost done with my essay. To me it seems that i have done a decent job but I’ll post the essay today and we’ll see how I performed. My advice for u is to take time to think about the firm u’re interested in and know how they operate or what sort of problems they are facing at the moment. U can always expand ur answer later by gathering further info over the internet. I think u should choose a manufacturing firm as ur ideal client as it is easier to understand the way they operate. Gud luck dude!


Hello MadridFan10

Thanx a lot for ur feedback, will look forward to seeing some part of your essay being posted so that i can get some idea on what the pwc is expecting from the essay. as far as the ideal client, I have chosen to do WHsmith since it is high street shop and have been facing some problems recently. hmmm manufacturing firms?? not a bad idea!! the thing is I do not know them in depth, so probably stick to shops that I can talk about later in the interview too :slight_smile: But i will defo have a look into some of manufacturing firm, to see if they apeal to me more than whsmith lolx…
just wondering if the advice that we provide to the ideal client has to be from the point of view of Human resource consultant (tax) specifically - as i applied for Headstart generalist Human resource (tax) or from the overall services that PwC provide???
any light on this would b much appreciated…! :PP


WH Smith? I prepared it as one of the companies doing well! :open_mouth:


umm yeah did well this year because of its travel outlets, but I thought they are falling out of favour from the customers as its high street shops are badly run with overpriced items and has lost its image of what it stands for, with its product ranging from newspapers, DVD’s, books, Stationaries, DIY’s, chocolates (over the tills) and whole range of different stuffs leaving customers muddled and confused of what to expect when they go into the shop and which is why it has been rated one of the worst high street shop by consumer watchdog “Which”.

But BrahioZ, its what I read in newspapers!! just wondering am I going in right direction?? god am half way through !! can anyway one tell if am doing the right thing??? I know their profit were up by 9% but like for like sales were down.

Please do comment soon as my deadline is fast approaching!! _


I guess you could be right:

I used this a my basis:

It cant be too bad as you cant expect ot make sales go up during the recession. I say stick with it though. As long as your more clued up about it than they are, you will be fine.

In my assessment day, I wasnt asked anything about companies, but it wasnt the big4 so they didnt comment on it.


cheers brachioZ !! yup i guess i will stick to what i have researched so far. Hopefully i will get thru too…:slight_smile:

how did your assessment day go?? was it bit gruelling?? anyway good luck!!

Oh I should be concentrating on my essay!! lolx :slight_smile:


The assessment day wasnt too bad. The interview was informal ,but the group excercise was a nightmare! I havent heard back from them yet. I was the only A Level student!

Good Luck.



the “deadline” you mentioned - is it the 5 day period they give us to complete the question? I met a PwC rep yesterday in my uni, she said if you need more time you could phone up the grad recruitment helpline.

I did and they said it’s not a set deadline, it just helps them to process applications more quickly.

Can anyone clarify this though please? Thanks!


hey betelgeuse88,

ohhh really!! well then I must’ve misread the 5 day period to be the deadline…but thanks for letting me know…will ring them tom. to see if it actually a deadline!!..well if they’ve said its not a set deadline then its a good news for meh…
and yeah I did check it over in my mail again and it just said

"We would be very grateful if you could aim to complete the question over the next five days so that we can progress your application as quickly as possible. "

i guess that means its not a set deadline…huh!! and here i was rushing to get the essay complete by tomorrow…:PPP how lame of meh…*_^



I’d be forever grateful if you could confirm this once you’ve phoned them up tomorrow. I was sort of in a rush today when I called the guy in the recruitment helpline, and I’ve been bugging him quite a lot with some other techincal problems lol.

Thanks kaji!


hey betelgeuse

I rang them today, soo chuffed to hear that its not a deadline but just a recomended timeframe which would just help them to process the application faster. Anyway thanx for bringing it to light as otherwise i would have gone to sumbit the essay today in complete haste…!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your confirmation kaji!


Hey Kaji

The advice can be from any of the services PwC provides. Or atleast i think so. In the question the have asked for the services PwC could offer to this ideal client. So i guess theres a lot of services at PwC that firms like the one u’ve mentioned above, can surely benefit from. Auditing, Preparation of financial statements, taxation and Consultancy Services are an example of which.
I just submitted my essay and Im hoping the results would be appreciating. None the less, Ive inbox-ed u part of my essay so that u can have some idea about what I wrote. Im not that sure about my approach though as i dont have the results yet. Hope it would help though. :slight_smile:

@ Kaji and betelgeuse88: Its not a set deadline. I submitted my essay about a week after the task was given to me. Its just like this: the earlier u post the answer, the sooner will they be able to process ur application.

Good luck with ur answers. Wish me luck too! :stuck_out_tongue:


ellO madrid fan10
thanx!! but did u inbox-ed meh some part of the essay?? i don’t seem to have any message tho!! well look forward to it…as far as my essay is concern am halfway through, anyway goodluck to you!! :smiley:



Thanks for your clarification on the “deadline”. I hope to finish my essay this weekend, get it checked on monday and then send it off…Can’t screw up this opportunity!
All the best with ur application as well!