PwC Assurance - Transaction Services


I’m just preparing to apply for a position at PwC in Transaction Services. Most of my other applications have been for pure audit, as I don’t come from a finance background and I think audit offers a relatively rounded way route of learning about various areas of business and finance. However, I’ve become concerned it may rather dry and mundane during the three years it takes to get ACA qualified - hence the interest in Transaction Services (which also involves the ACA and a managable and useful three months of mandatory audit experience).

Essentially, I was wondering if anyone could provide some detailed information on what TS involves. Some reading I’ve done makes it sounds quite interesting (helping prepare M&A transactions and strategic alliances etc ), but information on the internet is rather scarce. The descriptions are rather vague, and don’t really help me understand what I, as a junior/recent graduate, would actually be doing on a day to day basis. I want to make sure I have a thorough understanding of what the job involves before I apply, both so I know what I’m getting into and so I can talk with confidence on my application form and (hopefully) at an interview.

Thanks very much, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


I spoke to a partner at PwC this week who works in TS, and he said the first 18 months of TS is mainly auditing - it’s only really in the third year that the transaction services part comes into play. This is because TS at PwC is split with assurance, and it is considered important that students “understand the numbers” before working on transactions, etc. I have also applied to TS, and just got invited to sit the online tests.

Hope this helps…


That makes sense, people consistantly mention that audit is a great way to develop a rounded understanding of what’s going on. The TS line appealed partly because it involves an education and experience in audit as well as TS. Anyway, thanks, it’s nice to have an approximate figure for how much auditing will be done.