PwC Assurance Sep 2010 Intake: AC & Partner Interview


Hi everyone,

I applied to Assurance Graduate position in London. Recently I got invited to Basic Assessment Center, which is coming up very soon. Could someone tell me whether partner interview will take place the same day as AC?

Big thanks in advance.


I do not think you will have your partner interview the same day. If they are inviting you for an assessment day, that means you will have your test, written exercise and first interview with a line manager.

Once you pass this, they will invite you to the partner interview on another day.

Hope that helps.


@Ank, I have partner interview next week for Assurance Generalist. Could you please give some tips to prepare for the interview? I am very tensed and dn’t want to screw up at the last stage of the process.
@Blötschkopp, I had my AC for Assurance 2 weeks back. They had one-one interview, numerical, diagramatic tests, followed by group exercise and written report. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the exercises. If you need any help, ping me.

Tip: Reserach as much as you can about PWC services and ACA qualification.



Hi guys,

Thanks for the info, that was very helpful



Hello, can I ask for how long you have to wait after first interview, to hear the result no matter it’s an invitation for AC or just the result of the first interview. I had my first interview last week and I haven’t heard anything from them since then. I applied for assurance.

I notice that someone had to wait for more than three weeks!


I guess waiting for more than 3 weeks is an exception to the general rule.

They say that they will get back to you within 5 working days…i learnt the hard way as I only got my results at around 5pm on the 5th working day. Therefore, be patient if the five working days have not yet elapsed. If they have, then call your student hire officer. Good luck!!


Unexpectedly they got back to me the same day, 4 hours after the interview with an e-mail. Also got a phone call next working day.


Thanks all the input. It’s been five days and I don’t think i went through.


it was me who waited for more than 3 weeks, but i have just been invited to the AC.

@ LeiCarla, don’ worry.


Well done meritocrat!! Your patience paid off…Good luck for the AC.


i’ve got an AC coming up in a couple of days. is this usually with a partner or with a line manager? lots of people seem to have their interview first before their AC but its the other way round for me… anyone got any interesting commercial awareness topics? for now i’m going with the elections and the potential impact upon business of the proposed tax policies. what sort of questions do they ask at the AC interview?



What position and office?


tax - london uxbridge


Hi have you made it through to uxbridge? I am also applying here. Any tips on the interviews with specity to this office-clients?people?projects?


I have partner interview next week for Assurance Graduate Position. I have cleared all the around including the Assessment Center . I really dont wanna mess up the last stage. Can you please help me with the questions asked in the interview and also How should i prepare myself for the commercial awareness question. I am not from finance background and the topic that I have prepared is not related to Assurance. Will that matter in the interview.
Thanks in Advance


@ psin: hey psin, hope the partner interview went on well:) I just want to ask did you get a call from PwC right after the assessment center, or did you get the call in the following day?
Thanks in advance


Hi, can anyone confirm if the written exercise is by hand or computer?
What topics did you have to write about?

Many thanks for any replies, and congrats to those with offers :slight_smile:


report is by hand