PwC Assurance offer for 2013 - Ask me anything


Just had an offer from PwC for a placement year in assurance starting in September. Found these online things really helpful, so willing to help with anything I can!


I too have had an offer for a placement year in assurance for september 2013. This site has been really helpful, so ask away any questions!


Jesscops and Levy, congratulations to both of you!!! Perhaps you could share what question you have been asked during partner interview? Thanks!


My partner interview concentrated on why i had made certain choices - for example why did i choose my course at uni, why that uni, why do a placement year, why at PwC etc. We spoke a little about current issues in the news and how they relate to PwC. After that it was all about my work experience and volunteering; what i have learnt, hard times, good times, how colleagues would describe me etc

The interview was very conversational and we did end up talking about things unrelated to the questions. Also, a lot of the questions I got asked were very open so I could steer the conversation towards what I felt confident talking about

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thanks a lot for this. Can you elaborate a bit more current issues, did the partner ask you about particular company, particular industry or something more general like UK economy?

Thank you!


He just asked if I’d seen anything recently that may relate to PwC or have affected them, so I spoke about Jessops being in the news and PwC being the administrator. He asked if I had any possible explanations for Jessops’ experience. Because my placement is in public service assurance he went on to ask if there was anything relating to that that I’d taken an interest in recently, so I just spoke a bit about what I’d seen in the news about the NHS.

This part of the interview was very short, I think they just like to know you take a bit of an interest in PwC and the line of work you’re going into.


Thank you!


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been revising for my exams. My interview was pretty much the same as Jesscops, but we spent quite a bit of my time talking about why I chose one of my A-levels and what I’ve learnt from it. He also asked for my opinion on tax even though I had applied for assurance, but I think he just wanted to see how I can back my arguments up!


Levy, thanks for that. I guess shall read more about tax then. Good luck with your exams!