PwC Assurance London Spring Intake 2018


May I know which date did you start to apply for the spring intake of PwC last year? Please reply to me if you remember it, thank you! Good luck.


Hi, I’m Olivia. Thanks for your sharing. I’m now just applying the PwC 2019 spring assurance graduate program and get the invitation to have a video interview. Did you get through the video interview? Could you tell me what are the interview questions like And how many questions might be asked? thanks very much.

PWC Graduate Programme 2018

I got a video interview two days ago too.
Have you finished it? Would you mind let me know what questions you had, please?
Thanks a lot.


May I know what office do you apply to? Are you applying to Spring 2019 intake?


Hi Mate, inbox me please. Lost my old wikijob Username. Its the Birmingham guy who had to transfer locations and had to write that essay