PwC Assurance London Spring Intake 2018


what was the interview like? Which office?


Hi all, I got my offer today for assurance. I found this forum so useful, so let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


how long till pwc got back after partner interview process?


Hello there, i have my AC in January for assurance, wanted to see if you can give me hints and tip to what you done and what i should do. my email is


Hello :). I also have my AC coming in January for Audit&Assurance. I would really appreciate if you can provide some advice and make myself ready before this event. My email is


I think it was about 9 working days


Hi buddy, congrats on your offer. Think you can help me out with some tips for the AC and what the topic of the group exercise was, individual report one and also the difficulty level for both the tests you have to do. I’d appreciate it so much :slight_smile:


Hey, very nice to meet you here.
Can you provide me some advice for the Assessment Day at PwC?
My email address:


That’s great.
How kind they give you to accept the offer?


Sorry, last question came out wrong.

Really happy for you - congrats.

How long did they give you to accept offer?


Hey, they asked me if I accepted the offer verbally over the phone when they told me about the offer. they then give you 5 working days to accept the offer online


Thanks for this and once again, Well Done!


Hi, I have an assessment centre for PwC Actuarial Spring Week. Could you give me any advice or give me an indication as to what you had to do?


Hi, I have an assessment centre for PwC Actuarial Spring Week. Could you give me any advice or give me an indication as to what you had to do?


I’ve messaged you :slight_smile:


I just wanted a bit of feedback about the diagrammatic reasoning questions at the AC. Could someone clarify whether the questions are of either form: (1) A series of images (5/6) are shown and from left to right and we are tasked with picking the right solution that would fit the series. eg: ( (2) An image is given on the left and right of an operator. We are tasked with picking the appropriate operator that changes one set to the other or the correct set given an operator and initial set. eg: ( I would really like some honest feedback as I’d like to tailor my preparation for that specific test. Thank you!


I just had my AC a couple of days ago and the diagrammatical reasoning was like your option 1, they give you a series of figures and you have to spot the pattern, then choose the figure that will come next. If I remember correctly it is the same as the online test.


Thanks so much for that! I’ll definitely practice that a bit more. As for the test itself, did you find it relatively harder/the same/easier than the online one?


The diagrammatical I think is the same as the online one, but I found the numerical slightly more difficult mainly because the graphs are not in sequence, ie the same graph appears in Q1, then maybe Q5 asking for a different thing and so on. I found that working with the same graph sequentially as we do online is easier, but other than this the questions are about the same difficulty.


hi, can I add your Facebook account to ask something about PwC Spring Intake? My Facebook is:Monica Ma. I am studying in University of Birmingham. Thank you!