PwC Assurance London Spring Intake 2018


Wow, that’s a very short gap between the invitation and the interview date. Did you have to chase them up a lot?


If you scroll down further, you can see my post about the comments I provided about the AC.


I chased them once, but just get an standard we’re waiting for availability in the business and assurance they’l give a date ASAP


I see. Im still waiting for a date and it’s been almost three weeks so far. I better not chase them then since the interview is almost instant. Good luck for your interview!



Assessment centre on a Thursday, response on Tuesday and then a date for partner interview the following Tuesday. Partner interview was 2 weeks after that on a Monday, I found out I had an offer the next week (on a Wednesday).

Partner didn’t have my application form in front of him. I was asked about team work, leadership, earning someone’s respect. Commercial questions about PwC, global political instability, Brexit, what industry I’d want to work in (ie financial services, public sector etc), long term goals, why London.

Was fairly relaxed, partner was a really interesting guy, overall enjoyable experience.


Hi how’s your assessment centre? can you share some experience there?


Hi guys anyone had a partner interview recently? How long did it take for between being told you’ve passed the assessment centre and getting a date for the partner interview? Thanks!


A month


Thanks! I’ve filled everything in and sent it back to them, just waiting but I assume everything will be fine.


Hi guys was wondering if anyone else could share their partner interview experience? I’ve got mine next week!


Hi guys any tips on partner interview? or if anyone is preparing for theirs wanna have a call and practice with each other?


Hi. Had an offer for PWC Spring intake (Assurance) today. Extremely happy. Please message me if you want any help!


Three Days.


How long did it take after the AC to get a partner interview date?


Did anyone send a thank you email to the interviewer after the partner interview?


hello, did you transfer to another programme? and when did they confirmed that if you apply for a transfer?


hi, would you mind tell me did you transfer successfully in the end?


Yes I did to the London office


Hey, yh I transferred to another programme because the role that I initially applied to had been filled so they asked me if I wanted to transfer to something else. Once I confirmed what I wanted to transfer to they sent my details to that recruitment team and then they get in contact with you


Hey I am still waiting for my AC outcome. But do you mind telling me some tips for the partne?r itv? How long did u have to wait for the AC result, mine they said by the end of the week and there were a lot of students in my AC. My email is