PwC Assurance London Spring Intake 2018


Hey, I initially applied for the Flexible Associate scheme at London for Autumn 2017. I passed my AC but then was told that the role was filled so I had the opportunity to transfer to another role if I wanted.


how are people preparing for the senior interview?


Hi Danny, could you please tell me how long it took them to invite you for the partner interview after the assessment center?


I heard I’d passed the AC the day afterwards. Partner interview date then took about 2 weeks to come through.


Many thanks, Danny!


Hey have you got a date for a final interview yet?


Have you had your interview yet?


Nope 2 weeks away yet


What is the start date for Spring, i.e. what month?


Hi I am going to attend the Assessment Centre next week. It would be great if you could share with me a bit about your experience and tips for the Assessment Centre. Many thanks.


Retests: These are a lot harder than the online ones imo. For Numerical, you have 20 minutes for 20 questions and the questions are not placed in set order. For logical, you have to answer 40 questions in 20 minutes but they are slightly easier than the online ones. My advice is to not spend too much time on hard questions as there is no way you can answer all questions. However, against to what people say here, I think you should guess when you begin to run out of time. I do not believe there is negative marking as HR said you should try your best guess but avoid complete guess.

Group work: Do not try to be the leader! They even tell you not to assign a leader in the objective. Most importantly, be the person they want to work with, i.e be diplomatic. Keeping eye contact and listening is extremely important. Try to get some of your points accepted by the group. It is not about pushing your idea to be the ideal solution, but rather how you work in a group to decide the best proposal. Do not talk for the sake of talking, only talk when you have something to offer, this is very important. Building on people’s points is always a good idea.

Written report: Time management is key here. Start writing as soon as you start and look for the pros and cons of each proposals as you write. The structure, spelling and punctuation, and a recommendation is the most important. If you ever run out of time, make sure you write your recommendation and back it up with basic evidence before time runs out. Even though they give you a calculator, you don’t actually need it, I think nobody used it on my day for this assessment.

If there is anything else you wanna know, feel free to let me know!


Are all the numerical and logical reasoning tests multiple choice? And also do you know what the pass rate for the tests are?


Yes, just like the online ones. I have no idea about the past mark but you want to be in the 50 percentile. From what I gather, aim to get at least 10 numerical and 30 logical correct and you should be fine.


Thanks! I have my AC on wednesday and feel so unprepared. I don’t come from a mathsy background so the numerical test for me is really scary.


Anyone else been over 3 weeks for a partner interview??


Hi,are you from China?I’m going to AC as well,really want to get in touch with you for some tips!!!Could you please add me on wechat?My ID is echo_1026


Just offered a place for this scheme. Happy to offer advice to anyone who wants it!



How long did it take to get a date for the partner interview after you passed your assessment centre? What questions did the partner asked? Was it more commercial focus or competency based? Also did the partner have your application form in front of him during the interview?



Hi can you share some experience and how you prepare for assessment centre?


Finally got a partner interview one month after the ac result, and its on monday!