PwC Assurance London Spring Intake 2018


Thought I’d get an official blog open for PwC Spring intake assurance. Feel free to share and ask for any advice to those applying. Best of luck!


I’ve got through to the final partner / director interview, happy to offer any help / tips for the stages I’ve passed. Alternatively if anyone has any tips for the final interview that would be much appreciated.


Hi mate, did PwC, at any point of the application, asked you to write 500 words about why you want to work in London and Assurance? I have passed the assessment centre, but the role I applied for was filled. I tried to transfer to the St Albans office, but they rejected my request based on the 500 words I provided. I am thinking to transfer to London and wondering if it will be harder for my transfer to be accepted.


Candidates applying for spring intake are assessed based on their own merit and not compared with others. i think for deadline driven programmes (Assurance Autum 2018) Candidates are compared and assessed with each other…


I had to answer a 500 word question on why assurance and a 500 word question on why PwC


Thanks for the replies. By the sound of it, I am guessing all the Spring roles require a 500 words essay and the autumn ones do not. I want to start in Spring and the offices offering intake for Spring, not including Scotland, are London, Uxbridge and Reading. I have passed the assessment centre and would be quite upsetting if no office will accept my transfer to have the partner interview. I am guessing Reading will be the easiest to get in out of the three offices?


IMO i’d apply for the location you’d truly want to work in. That why your answer will come across a lot more genuine than generic when completing the application. As long as you mention 2-3 reasons why you want to work for PWC and that service line and good examples that demonstrate your skills you will be fine.


I answered more generically why PwC rather than why the specific office. In fact I don’t think I mentioned any reason as to why that specific office. It did take me a whole day however to write the 500 words, it wasn’t something I just rushed. I agree with ILoveAudit in that you should apply for the office you want to apply to, not where you think will be easiest. I believe that part of the application will be handled by the regional recruitment teams rather than a specific office anyway. Then give a decent answer as to why PwC.


I agree! take you time with your application as your partner for your interview will read it thoroughly. It may be a good idea to mention why that Location because of particular clients, London as an elite business hub etc


Thank you very much guys. I genuinely want to work in London as I prefer to deal with prestigious clients, and I also did my studies there so I think I will go for London! If the transfer was screened by the recruitment team, I am surprised they only rejected my transfer to St Albans, and not the entire application.


Hiya! I’m applying and wanted to find out where you found practice for the online tests (preferably verbal and logical)? And how you prepared for the first interview - competency or behavioural based? Thanks!


You won’t have a verbal test if your applying for assurance, just logic and numerical. I just used gradtests as I just wanted to quickly refresh my knowledge but others may have better insight into that.

It also appears that most people aren’t having a ‘first interview’, going straight through to AC.


Hi, it’s me again. I am now asked to write 500 words for both why Assurance and London. I was wondering how to find out who their main clients are in the London office. I am guessing their top clients like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are dealt by the London office? Anyone know how to find this information?


Hey, which role did you originally apply to that got filled? As I applied for a role and it was filled and I was asked if I wanted to transfer too.


Hey, how are you preparing for the final interview? Let us know what questions come up!


Hey, I initially applied to Centre of Excellence, Manchester, Oct 2017. I am struggling to find unique points to answer why PwC. What did you apply for and what stage of the application are you at?


Thats a list of who audits the FTSE-100 clients. Incase it’s out of date you should check the external auditor report on the annual summary of the relevant company. Maybe be careful listing a specific client though. For example if your going to do that insure they are in the same service lines (BCM, I&IM, LTT, LMT) and the service line you are personally interested in.


I’m not going over the top with preparing, I personally believe that in an interview setting over preparation can make you seem robotic. I’ve had interviews and offers from other firms so have had a fair amount of practice over the past few weeks. So I’m prepping answers for the obvious questions and focusing on commercial awareness.


Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. For the why Assurance question, did you already mention which sector (BCM, I&IM, LTT, LMT) you want to join?You mean, say for example if I namedrop Barclays, then BCM must be my preferred service line?


I didn’t mention a specific sector I was interested in. I still haven’t decided but will deal with that when it comes up. I’d just avoid mentioning two that fall into different categories as that may show a lack of research. Something interesting I found when researching was that in the PwC Cities of Opportunity index, London was in first place, you can always use information from that index