PWC Assurance London 2012/2013 starting wage


Hi, I am starting with PwC next year in London in assuranace, I was wondering if anyone knows the current starting wage for the September 2012 intakes?


hey asdf245, I got an offer for Assurance in London 2013 as well, they say the current starting wage in the offer letter you receive.


OK, thank you :slight_smile: are you April or September start?


September :slight_smile:


Hey guys

congratulations on your offers, I have a partner interview for Assurance coming up, I was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers? Obviously I’ve read all the other threads on here, i was just wondering if you could share your personal experience, and how you prepared?

Do you know if the interview is any different from the 2012 style interview?



Hi did you have you interview for 2013 position? Was it similar to 2012?
Also was the AC same as 2012?