PwC Assurance Internship Partner Interview 2015 help!


Hello there! I recently just passed my AC with PwC. The final stage is a partner interview. What questions will I be asked? Is the interview quite informal? What is the general pass rate for this stage? Are the questions more competency basses or more business knowledge? I study chemistry so will I have to answer very technical questions??

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Hi, Im just wondering if you would be able to help me, I am preparing for my assessment centre and just wondering if you could tell me what the group exercise and report was like and how I should go about preparing for it. Thank you.

Good luck for your interview, I have heard it is mostly competency based and more about getting to know you as a person.


Hi there! Of course! The assessment centre itself was relaxed everyone was really friendly and helpful. We started with the written report. The key is to read for 5 minutes and start writing as soon as possible. The task is to write about the pros and cons of different water conservation methods. The brief is laid out into General sections. I wrote an introduction, saying what I was going to do and brief summary. I then wrote the pros and cons for each in this layout:
Method one : X
Pros: 2 bullet points
Cons : 2 bullet points
Method 2… Etc
Then the summary of your choice. Pick whichever one you want but make sure you have good points to back it up.

The group discussion is tricky. Read the general booklet first and make some calculations about budget. Make sure someone notes down the time because they don’t tell you when to cut off. Read your personal brief!!! Make sure you say your points if you have a bad brief you don’t have to fight for it just say it isn’t as good as the others and make connections.
I would suggest coming up with the idea for everyone to spend 1-2 minutes talking about their briefs at the beginning. Relax make sure you talk and pose ideas.

I would say the best way to practice is to start writing little essays; just to improve the speed of writing.
For the group discussion there is no real way to prepare.

You will be fine! Best of luck!!!


Thank you so much for your help. I really do wish you the best of luck for your interview. Fingers crossed for you!!