PwC Assurance - How much do they expect you to know about Audit?



I have a first round interview coming up for PwC Assurance in London, and was wondering how much they would expect you to know about audit?

Not coming from an accounting degree, just maths, would they expect me to know any type of techniques or technicalities?

Also, what would I be doing in the first year? From what I gather I would be doing a lot of exams and college. But what about when I am working? Any ideas?



Obviously I can only talk about my own experience , but I had a first round interview for PwC Assurance in Manchester.

In terms of knowledge about audit he asked me the questions you would probably expect, for example what is the purpose of an auditor and also what does an auditor do on a day to day basis?

However I mentioned something in one of my answers about Tesco, ( I can’t remember how I got onto that to be honest, as it wasn’t the one I’d talked about in my application form.) But then he said can you tell me the biggest audit risk associated with Tesco? At this point my mind was whirring , so to speak, and I mumbled something about ‘stock’ very unconvincingly.

Im not sure if this is a normal question however and I think in general from what I have heard that they expect you to have done research about the role to answer some simple questions, after all you are applying to train to become an auditor, you have not spent 10 years doing the job.

Hope this is of some use. All the best.


I completely agree. I didn’t have any previous accounts/business/economics background. I was expected to have done some research around audit and current business issues but I was not expected to know everything.
And I found that esp. with PwC in the interviews tough questions were often asked, to see how you can think around what you know, but there were a couple of really tough questions in my final interview that I actually said, I don’t know the answer, but if I was in a work situation I would look into it and discover the answer. I then asked my interviewer what the answer would be and he said that he respected the fact that I had been honest about not knowing the answer but had wanted to increase my knowledge.
Obviously that wouldn’t work more than once in an interview, but if your really stuck it can be good!
good luck!