PwC Assurance Application Process


Have used this site so much throughout my application so felt I should share my experience and hopefully help others too. I started my application for an assurance/risk assurance internship in october and completed the process in january. Overall PwC were very good with their response times. I wont talk much about the initial online tests as you get a second chance if you fail and its all just about doing the practice tests.

Telephone Interview

This stage is a very mechanical interview with the interviewer (who is not a pwc employee) asking the competency based questions which are available online. At this stage you might aswell have examples infront of you so that there is no stalling when trying to come up with an answer. The only extra bit of info in this stage would be to know the service line well and what services PwC can offer. Quite alot of people i know were asked about a potential client for PwC which is worth investigating.

Assessment Centre

I had to travel to Manchester for mine. The whole day lasts about 4 hours and is well structured. The first part of the day is the written report where you have 20 minutes to write a letter to a manager recommending an action based on the information you have been given. At this stage the most important thing is to use bullet points and do not write in essay form. You must also use figures and numbers from the text to back up all points. A good structure would be, Executive Summary, Option 1-2-3-4 and then a conclusion.
The second part of the day is the group task where you all receive the same brief but each person has a different option to present to the other members of the group. If your option does not seem great just say that as it is not about selling your idea but coming to a conclusion as a group. Top tips include make sure you have eye contact, address people by name and respond to what they say. If someone does make a mistake make sure you use constructive criticism. This part is mainly about how you will work in a team, it is important to be heard but not to be overbearing. If someone in the group is being quiet encourage them to speak and hear their ideas.
The final part of the day is the tests which are done on paper. They are of similar standard to the online ones.

Final Interview

This stage was the part I was most nervous for when it was infact the most relaxed. I met with a senior manager from my service line and after asking a couple of standard questions about why assurance, why pwc, how do we add value we just had a very informal conversation about his life at the company. He did ask me quite a lot of questions from my initial applications such as some previous work experiences and my commitments to rowing at uni. This stage is all about making sure you can fit in at the company as opposed to another round of testing. Make sure to listen to the manager and have question that relate to the conversation at the end to show you were listening.

I was very lucky to find out less than 2 hours later that I was successful which may have been because I told them I had another offer currently from BDO. If anyone has more questions just let me know


I recently received an email that they will he sending me online test to complete. Am very nervous abt it any advice


The numerical and logical tests are pretty standard of what all other companies offer and just doing some practice ones you should be fine. There is also a personality test which you need to make sure you show a varied response to as it marks you against 4 key things.


The only way to improve your performance with these tests is to practise! I recommend and graduatemonkey. You usually have 5 days to complete these tests, so use your time wisely to practise as much as possible.
Good luck!