PwC Assurance ACA Qualification


I am applying for PwC Assurance in London and was wondering whether anybody knew more detailed as to how the first years are split between studying for the ACA qualification and working on the job.
Obviously most of the revision and studying will have to be done after work and on the weekend but what about the actual teaching etc?

Thanks for your help.


not sure about pwc, but most of the big 4 send you off to college for a few weeks. I think its like being back at school again with homework et al.


Thanks, do you know anything more detailed about it i.e. how many weeks, only once or several times during first 2 years etc.


That would depend on which firm. I’d give pwc grad recruitment a call if i were you.


I think you do a six week college shift almost immediately (with three exams at the end), like almost before you’ve done any office based work.


I’ve heard that it’s 6 weeks of college at a time, followed by a few weeks of work. It’s front loaded as well, so you get more college and less work in the first year, and more work and less college in the 3rd year. Something along those lines!


You spend almost half of the first year in college studying, broken into several weeks at a time and within the first 12 - 14 months, you will have completed approx 90% of all the exams. The final exam is at the end of your second year or the start of your third year.