PWC Assurance 2013- Telephone Interview


anyone who has had telephone interview with PWC…what was the process like and what kind of questions did you receive?


I realise this is a bit of a late response but I had a telephone interview for Assurance today.

It was purely competency based, they started with the “Commercial and Technical Expertise” section, where they asked me about the ACA qualification and also to talk about a current issue which was happening in business.
I chose to talk about the current issues surrounding audit reform and the work the Competition Commission is doing into trying to stop the Big 4 being so dominant.

Other questions were about:

Teamwork – time where you had to change work style, time where you contributed to success

Agile with Change – can’t remember the questions!

Manage Projects/Economics – a time where you were responsible for a project, a time where you had a problem whilst running a project (e.g. budget, time constraints)

Courage + Integrity – tell me a time you did something you thought was ‘wrong’, tell me a time you have voiced your concerns surrounding practises at work/uni

The lady on the phone was really nice and didn’t rush me at all, I was encouraged to take my time :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for that . how long did the interview last for ?


It lasted for around 35 - 40 minutes


did u get to know about your outcome yet ?