PwC assessment day


How did you all prepare for the AC day at Pwc. What websites did you use to practice for the tests and did you buy any tests?


That is a very good website. You’ll find that the questions are very similar to those that you will receive on the day. I should know, I did the assessment center last week and I passed lol. Just keep practicing the tests. There are good diagrammatical tests on that site as well.


Assessment Day Package


Hi the tests r very easy. very much like the shls u done previously. And its about how well u do and not so much as to whether u finish so dont panic. I finished 13/20 on numerical and 20/40 on diagrammatic and I still got through to the next stage.

Let us know how it goes? and Any tips for partner interviews?


polly321 thanks for your input :slight_smile: how did you find the other exercises of the assessment day? It was a group exercise and written exercise right?


To pass a PwC assessment centre, does anyone know whether you have to pass every test, or if you just fail say the numerical reasoning test and do well in the Group and Written exercise, you’ll still get through?