PwC Assessment Day Psychometric Tests


Hi guys just wanted some advice on the PwC Assessment Day psychometric testing… Just wanted to check how people found the difficulty of the Numerical and Logical reasoning tests compared to online SHL tests and also if anyone had any comparisons to other online providers such as Graduate Monkey or Assessment Day. Any info provided would be a great help :slight_smile:


I found the actual assessment day tests much harder compared to the online test. Partly because you have to complete 40 Logical questions in 20 mins! However, if you practice, I’m sure you will be fine.
I brought both the package as well as graduate monkey. i like the online ebook for graduate monkey, but in terms of practise Id recommend assessment, they have over 20 papers! Plus I think they negatively mark because when I questioned them, they said that they cannot comment on how they mark. So if you really don’t know the answer, don’t randomly guess.
Just practice as much as possible and you will be fine, Good luck :slight_smile: