PwC Assessment Day Assurance


Hi i have a pwc assessment day coming up, know im a little late getting on the grad train but would be grateful for any advice. i am aware the partner interview is perhaps less based on the application form, any advice would be great! cheers xx


Did you see:
PwC Interview Questions (PricewaterhouseCoopers) - WikiJob

and also:

Do you know which sector you want to work in? What office are you applying to?



yeah i had read those they are very helpful. its for the london offices. in my previous interview they asked me where i thought i may want to work CIPS, TICE or financial services. dont think i want to do financial services, what arethe sort of clients with the other 2 and whats some sort of solid reason to be giving as your motivation for choosing one area over anotheR?


Here is a link to a little information on CIPS, i picked CIPS because i have a particular interest in the energy industry.

CIPS: Home


Erm, I’m pretty sure energy is TICE…


is that definitely right chris?

at interview we talked about energy/utilities/mining and i wasn’t asked/didn’t specify CIPS/TICE. I was inferring from the website above that this fitted into CIPS, was my inferrence wrong?


Yeah I’m pretty certain- TICE has energy rolled into it. You should give them a ring and check it out if you are unsure. CIPS is consumer products and retail stuff.


TICE does have energy included in it, to be honest I can’t remember what else but one of the ‘ambassadors’ from PWC I spoke with at lunch yesterday mentioned a lot of technical jargon like TICE and was it mentioned that energy is included.


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Hi everyone!

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