PWC assessment centre


Hi guys

I have a pwc assessment day coming up, and I’m getting a bit nervous about my partner interview. In my application form i wrote about working for charities as something i would be interested in, and my interviewer said she would try to get someone from the public sector to interview me at assessment centre. But i dont know a whole lot about the PS! what kind of questions do people think i might get asked?

my main question is: what affect has the credit crunch had on the publi sector?



when is it, what service line? The credit crunch effects the source of public sector investment i.e. less taxes and difficulty in obtaining credit which the government also faces! However u can argue essential services like hospitals and skools and roads will be guarenteed as they are already budgeted for and are a means of getting creating jobs etc. However there will inevitably be some cutbacks, try and think of areas where e.g. subsidised housing which the govt has invested alot in recently, as ppl will not have the money.

I also have one coming up ina few weeks!! Dreading the numeracy test the most, and maybe the group excercise as depends on whos in ur group, partner interview shud be ok once uv got basics covered, as anything cud get asked (quite literally) have a general overview.


its actually tomorrow for asssurance in london. i think im just doing a bit of last minute freaking out and stuff. not too worried about tests or group exercise, much more worried about the interview. not being from a business background i think there are a lot of holes in my knowledge that they might find!

thanks for the reply its helpful


Hi sicoles1. How did your assessment centre go? Hopefully you’ll hear some good news soon!


Sicoles1 : What area were you applying to? Was it Public Sector Assurance??

Anyone else: has anyone been applying to public sector assurance? My boyfriend has recently applied and been invited to first round interview, but they are not getting back to him on a date. He called PwC and they said they couldn’t tell him when it might be…just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Do you think this is because they are getting full, or simply that they don’t have the interviewers available??

Thanks for any help!