PWC assessment centre - thursday 27th november - HELP



I have my assessment centre on thursday, and am worried about the commercial awareness aspect of the partner interview. I have read all of the forums and pages on this site, and have spent time coming up with some stories, but I am not sure what else I am required to know. The stories I have looked at are:

  1. Lloyds TSB/HBOS takeover
  2. Offshore tax funds
  3. Plans to decrease taxes, defer tax increases (pre budget report)

If anyone could give me any help on any of the above, it would be most appreciated, and also are you required to know about companies that have been successful and/or failin companies. Please can you help on this aswell.

Many Thanks


i forgot to mention that my assessment centre is for a role in tax at Bristol.



I would imagine knowing those three in detail would suffice, as long as you have a general idea about long running tax issues (inheritance tax etc etc) and the business news in general. I can’t help you with details on where to research your stories, but I’d advise that as well as learning the facts, you have a good think about issues involved and try to form some original opinions on them.

A lot of people have also noted that partner interviews often focus on your ideal client you wrote about in your application. Therefore you should learn this client in some detail, and have a serious think about areas with which PwC would be able to help.

Best of luck with your AC.


thanks lukeb, my ideal client was lloyds tsb and i got good feedback from this after my first intervew, so i will look into it in more detail for my AC. thanks again


Hey Andrew,
Sounds like you’re all set. I will suggest that you have a look at another ideal client as a back up. In my interview I was asked to talk about one of their clients that I would want to work with…and it couldn’t be my ideal client. I was questioned on how the current situations could effect the business, the risks they would now be facing, etc.
It had me abit stumped to begin with so thought I’d warn you to have an idea ready for that question!

Good luck


Thanks for that embee. out of interest what client did you pick, and what were you able to talk about.


I’ll be based in Cambridge, and initially my brain paniced but I kept a smile and was honest and told my interviewer that that was a very good question that had thrown me a little bit. I mentioned some of their general clients, as my brian whired away and settled on Thomas Cook, which I could say would be affected by people choosing not to travel, increasing fuel costs, etc.

My interviewer was really nice and seemed ask questions if he thought I’d missed anything obvious out and could prompt my memory abit. I think it was really good to be a little stumped…it showed I was human but could think on my feet and stay professional even in tough situations.

Good luck


thanks, thats been really helpful. im doing a piece of coursework on BT at the moment, so do yo think I would be able to talk about the problems that ther facing at the moment and how pwc could help them


I can’t see why not. As far as I could tell this area didn’t have to be in the greatest of depth, just trying to establish that you could realise the problems and perhaps positives that could be currently facing businesses. My strong point is definatly not corporate awareness, but I could show that I’d researched and was learning and they appreciated that.

Good luck!


thats great, thank you so much, ur hellping ease some of my nerves, cant wait till its over. thanks again


No worries, I remember it well, even if i was being told things i already knew, it still put my mind at ease!

You’ll be fine, it sounds like you’ve prepared loads so all you have to do now is try to relax!!


Let us know how it goes, I’m always curious about updates!