PWC Assessment Centre on Friday - Help with Commercial Awarness!



I have an AC on Friday and am trying to prepare my business knowledge/ commerical awareness and could really do with a bit of help.

Firstly - PWC’s Clients. I can’t find details of this anywhere. I am applying for Public Sector Assurance, so am interested in any Public Sector Clients and also Private ones. I have read stories of questions about ‘what would you do to change M/S’ and ‘Tell me about a failing business’ and to be honest, Im panicing now! I have decided to use the City of London’s Beacon Status for Climate Change as a successful organisation, as PWC seem to play an active role in Sustainability and Climate change but this isn’t really related to Audit or Assurance…or is it?? Any help would be really appreciated!!!

Secondly - Current issues. Again, I am having real problems. I want to keep it related to the Public Sector, so have done a bit of revision on Data and Security (PWC’s role with HMRC), resources and modernisation. But again, not indepth. When it comes to issues such as Banks and credit crunches and inflation I am totally lost.

I leave on Thursday - I have to stay overnight. So any help would be SO SO SOOOOO appreciated!!


It’s probably a bit late now- how did you do?



I got offered a job!!!
Luckily, all my questions revolved around the public sector and the things I was interested in. The partner interview was really relaxed which helped a lot as well!


Well done, Charlord,

Is your intake year 2009 or 2008? Wud u please tell us more about the interview questions you had been asked and how you went through?


My intake is 2008.

I have just put a description of my experience on another thread…I think it is entitled ‘PWC Assessment Centre’…there are quite a few posts on there about peoples experiences which i foudn really helpful.


Another job offer from [[PwC]]! There must be quite a lot of guys on here starting there either this year or next. You guys should start a thread and bond :slight_smile: …well done - and thank you so much for the application to offer information!



I have my PwC AC coming up.
Please help me with the following things.

Can you tell me what are they looking for in group activity?
Can you tel me some specific questions asked in the interview?

I have been up to date with the commercial awareness and have been following the turn of events that have been caused by the credit crisis/ food crisis and oil crisis. I am thinking of telling the US big 3 car problem as a business story. what is your take on this? Also tell me the specific questions asked?

I really need this job and your help will be highly appreciated.
I am applying for 2009- Sept- Assurance- Lonon.


adilqurshi, are you attending the TS ac next monday? =)


nops, its on friday :slight_smile:


Hi can you tell me has pwc started holding assessment centres for sept 2009 intake graduate positions in Tax or any other? If so from when!