PwC Assessment centre London Holborn bar 07/01/09


I am having an assessment centre of PwC as above, anybody having the same assessment centre with me?


Nope, How was it? You got details on the AC, i got one comin up!


Anyone who went to this get an offer? How was it?


As I applied for the position in China, I attended the assessment centre except partner interview. Then I needed to take partner interview in China if I pass this assessment centre.


Is Holborn bar office the same as Plumtree Court office?


No. They are near,but not the same.


do u have the address for the Holborn bar? Thanks


Link to Holborn Bars Location details:


Thanks la! BTW, I am applying for PwC China position as well.


Assurance Shanghai? When is your assessment centre?


I think yes, totally forget which office I applied for. My AC is tomorrow. Getting nervous now…


Don’t be too nervous,especially for the tests. If you are nervous, you won’t be able to work the tests as quickly as you usually can, try to calm down! Which part of China are you from?


Beijing. what about u?


Jiang Xi. I would assume you applied for a position in PwC Beijing, didn’t you? Good luck and being relaxed!


Thanks la :slight_smile:


HI. …Bobby, how was you AC?
How was the Holborn Bar anyway? XD