PwC Assessment Centre Advice



Hi - I’ve got a PwC Management Consulting Assessment Centre for the summer vacation scheme coming up and was wondering if anybody could shed some light.

Has anybody recently had an assessment centre? I’m aware of the basic structure- Psychometric tests, Group work and Written Exercise.

Would love to know more about the group and written exercise, especially from people who’ve sat their AC for PwC This year.



Hello! Congratulations on making it to the AC!
I recently took the AC (13th of October) and have passed both. Here are some tips to consider for the Writing Exercise:
I would recommend you do the following steps in the written exercise: 1. Prepare a preliminary structure ( Introduction, Main Findings, Conclusion and recommendation) 2. For each option in the exercise, prepare a definite pro and con for each of them and make sure you mention them. 3. Make sure your report has headings and subheadings ( So if you title the section where you discuss the options as “Main Findings”, each option could have a subheading") 4. ALWAYS have a conclusion and recommendation. Make sure you use the facts and figures provided to support whatever recommendation you make. 5. When the assessor starts the time, start writing! If you are running out of time, simply put down the conclusion and recommendation even if you have not had time to explore all the options. I hope this helps! I did not have a single negative remark about the writing test and this is exactly the format I followed and finished well in time.

For the Group Exercise, speak clearly and confidently. Explain your individual option as clearly as possible. If you are having difficulty in speaking out, try and collect yourself by looking at 1 to 2 people in the group who are interested in what you have to say. Avoid being “unprofessional”. Don’t ask questions in a brash manner. Use names as much as you can. If someone in the group seems to be struggling, try and guide them into the purpose of the discussion. Just remember that in the GD there will be atleast 1-2 show offs trying to dominate the group rather than guiding the group into a decision. Let them talk for the first minutes and then I recommend jumping in with your suggestion or idea as to how best to proceed with the discussion. Make notes of what people are saying so you can ascertain for yourself which option is the best. You don’t have to stick by your own option, so be open to the possibility that someone will have a better option (cost-wise and company goal wise)

I hope this helps! Good luck!


Thanks Swot.s - very useful insight. Well done on getting through!


Hi Swot.s, thanks for posting this and congrats on the AC. Could I also ask you want computations you had to do for the written and group exercises. Many thanks in advance!


Hey guys, huge congratulations to everyone who has managed to secure an offer. I have my AC for Assurance London Spring in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need to practice any other calculations/equations other than the ones I used in the numerical test stage? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Really helpful, thank you!


Hey, I’ve got my AC for Assurance on Thurs! When’s yours?


Hi everyone, is anyone applying to technology risk or any other tech-related roles? I have my assessment centre on 4th Jan, Birmingham office. I don’t know if it’s too late and I’m really worried that the role has already been filled… I’ve been reading all the tips and advice that people have posted and they are really helpful. If I understand correctly, the reasoning tests are slightly harder than the online one. Do they expect similar level of performance or better? For group discussion and report writing, I have never done them before so I wonder if there’s anyway I can practice and if anyone has any recourse? Thank you so much!!!