PWC assessment centre 2018!


Hi guys,

I have an AC for PWC coming up. For anybody that has attended the AC already, i have a few questions that I would be extremely grateful if someone helped me with! Firstly, what was the case based on for the Group task that you had to do? What advice would you give for this group task and are there any points you believe would be beneficial to add during the group discussion. Also was there a partner/manager interview at the AC or was it just the three activities; the written task, Group tasks and the tests. If you could either reply to my post or message me
Your responses, that would be wonderful

Look forward to hearing from you all!


Hey AJ
Is your in London on the 5th march


Mine is 7 March (London).


Hey, mine is on the same day! At 1 PM?


mine is today too - see you there!


Has anyone heard back from this yet? I still haven’t heard back from my assesment day.