PwC Assessment Centre 2016



What program did you apply for?


Hi, yes please what program did you apply for?


What program? During your applications online tests were you given Verbal and Numerical? I was given Numerical and Logical for my online application…


I am guessing this was for school leaver route.


I applied for the school leaver programme in Tax


Yes, I had to pass my online verbal reasoning and numerical test before getting invited to the assessment day, where we have to do another pair of verbal reasoning and numerical tests. I think we have to redo them to show that it was us that did them not someone else.


Yep in Tax


School leaver in Tax


Hi everyone! I went to the PwC AC last year and failed the diagram test :frowning: I just got an invite to pwc AC this year. I was wondering if anyone knows where to find some good practice for that test… I am absolutely terrible at it. I think I attempted around 36 questions but I must have been super careless :(( I am so terrified of failing it again :confused:


Hi Bhavya, please can you share your assessment centre experience with us please?


Hey! Can you please share your AC experience please? x


Hey! How soon did you hear back after your AC?

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Does anyone know if you can apply to pwc school leaver programme if you repeated year12?


Hi, Do you know the structure for the AC when applying for graduate assurance. ? I understand that there is a written exercise, numerical, logical and group exercise. There seems to be some conflicting evidence as to whether there is e-tray assessment. I will be grateful for any advice. Thank you !!!


I have just been to an AC and there were people applying for assurance, I believe. I don’t think that they did any e-tray exercise. You can always check with graduate recruitment.


Hi dm444, could you give me some more info about the written and group exercises and the computations you had to do? Thank you in advance!!


Hi, I just emailed you. Could you get back to me as soon as you can? Thank you!


Are the PWC numerical and verbal tests at the assessment centre still SHL, like the ones online?


I don’t suppose anyone could help me out for preparing for my final interview, and I know the 5 main areas that they ask about. But I’ve been told that they generally only ask questions from their employability guide. Is that the PDF with around 40 core competency questions? Thanks in advance!