PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Hey Guys I recently passed my telephone interview and have been invited to the London AC on the 26/08, I am most worried about the numerical tests, because Ive heard that it is harder than the online one we did at the start due to even stricter time constraint. I was wondering if somebody knows that it is the same set of questions ? Or is it completely different or with some reoccurring ones from the first one ? Also, can somebody recommend me the most suitable places to find practice from ?

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Hey How was your AC? And for which role did you apply for?


Hi guys, has anyone applied for Senior Asssociate at PwC recently? I just passed my online tests numerical+verbal. Does anyone know What should I expect next?


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Hey having an AC soon in London. Was wondering if anyone has recent experience and don’t mind sharing? Also, are we allowed to use calculators during the psychometric test on AC?


hi can u pm me so that we can discuss interview questions?


Hey. Not sure how this website works. Not able to click on your name to pm you. Any ideas how?


send me email. my email is


Hi guys,
did anyone buy preparation materials from


hi, this might have been a while back but i would be grateful if youre able to recall the details of your telephone interview. e.g. the structure - how many competencies, examples would be useful, any follow up questions. Another thing i am particular about is who is on the other end of the phone as from previous experiences, they tend to be HR staff documenting your words(sometimes requiring time to do so) yet the process is supposed to be natural rather than planned and simply being read out. This is probably asking a lot but do help out if you are able to.


I have done and passed pwc legal assessment centre, which is almost the same except no numerical test. Send me a message


Hi. I emailed you.


Hi was wondering how long it took for you to receive the results from AC and how long you had to wait to schedule a partner interview


Hey! I just got invited to AC. Can you pls help me with any details on how to prepare? Did you use Assessment Day to practice the numerical & logical tests?


I highly recommend you steer away from Greenturn! They are quite, quite bad. A complete waste of money! Go to AssessmentDay or use this forum for preparing for the recruitment process.


Did anybody purchase any practice materials for the AC? If so which?


Hi, I have purchased Assessmentday and graduatemonkey. Can only recommend both of them although the first one is definitely better in terms of value for money! When is your AC and what position have you applied for?


I’ve got assessmentday - I’m looking for materials for the Assesment centre - Report writing etc

Management Consulting internship - Bristol at the beginning of november :slight_smile:


Hi - I’ve got a Summer Internship assessment centre coming up - Other than Phychometric tests, group exercise and the written exercise, is there an interview?


Hi, I recently went to an assessment day at PWC in London and it included firstly an intray exercise, then a group exercise and lastly a numerical and verbal reasoning test. The intray was okay but you really need to manage your time for it, the first part is where you get 8 emails and get 20mins to read through them and answer multiple questions about them, the time goes really fast! The next part is where you have to write an email to one of your colleagues and you have 10mins to do this. We then had a 15mins break and then went to do a group exercise, you have 20mins to read through the information given and to make notes, make sure you go through everything in each of the booklets given! you then have 20mins to discuss what you found out with your group. this bit was fine you just need to voice your opinion and give some relevant solutions to the task eg calculate some figures to back up your answers. Lastly was the numerical test where you have 20mins to do 18 questions and verbal reasoning where you have 20mins to do 30 questions. They were a bit harder than the online ones, so be prepared!