PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Hi, its been 11 working days but they haven’t replied yet, im waiting. Sine its for march 2016 i think they are busy with August applications. I hope i go directly to AC


No. You have to go through the whole application process


Sorry for the late reply but you shouldnt worry because the questions are still the same as the Wikijob ones so my advice would be to prepare answers to the questions released on Wikijob forums for the 2015 internship cycle telephone interview and then you should be fine.


hope so as well. plz inform me about the outcome of your situation. thanks in advance!



Just to reiterate what abhishake.mitra has said, you must go through the entire process again.

(That includes the psychometric tests)

Source: Experience



I got to the senior interview stage on my first application, having just reapplied i had to do the online tests again but then i skipped the telephone interview and went straight to AC


In my case, I skipped online test and went straight to first interview. In my previous application I got first interview and failed, while my online test scores were 5 out of 5. Seems like they skip the stage where applicant showed a good performance.


That make sense although i got a 4 and a 5 in my online tests and got 5’s and 6’s in everything in my assessment centre so it would have been nice to skip them as well haha.


5’s and 6’s in AC? How did you know that? Normally they don’t tell the score for exercises at AC. I also asked for my scores for AC but they did not provide me.


Hey everyone, I have an Assessment Centre for Assurance in Bristol on July 24th and wondered if anyone had any further advice? It’s a 4 hour AC and they removed the telephone interview so I’m not really sure what to expect!


Hey, you’ll have do 3 things:

  1. redo both your online tests
  2. Complete a written report, you get 30 minuets to read a 16 page report and then write a max of two pages on what you’ve read. You should do a brief intro and a conclusion, the main part should be split into sections analysing the pro’s and con’s of the measures mentioned
  3. Then you will do a group task, where you will get 20 minuets to prepare and 30 minuets to discuss


They 100% do give you score’s for the Numerical and logic tests and i was given scores for my structure etc for my written report


did they give u scores during telephone call?


It depends on your local recruiter whether you get scores for any of the assessment. I remember asking for scores from my local recruiters and they mentioned that we do not give scores but I was given detailed feedback and whether I passed the stage. But I have heard that you get scored out of 6 for each excercise especially in assessment centre. But again the process might have changed since I applied for internship during last year.


How did the AC go? Got any tips, mines on Wednesday and they skipped the telephone interview for me as well. From what I have read, we have to do a numerical, logical tests, then a written report and finally a group work exercise. Is this all there is? Do they have any interview type scenarios at all at this stage?


Hey, I have cleared my telephoe interview and have been invited for assessment centre for April 2016 intake on 10th September in Mnachester. It is the first ac in Manchester. But has anyone taken ac for 2016 in any other part of UK?


Hi, when did u apply for the intake? I applied for 2016 on 26th june but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.


Hey, I applied in the beginning of July, cleared the online test in 5 days. I got invitation for telephone interview in next 4 days. I booked it for 27th July and got to know the results after one day only. Also they booked the assessment centre on the same day as well. So up till now everything has been straight-forward for me.
Thanks and sorry for the late reply. Where have you reached in your application and which city have you applied for?


Hi, they still havent gotten back to me yet. I applied for london assurance. And is strange since ive cleared my tests since 26th june. Maybe because im reapplying they might skip my telephone interview and thats why its taking so long? I donot know why they wouldn’t get back to me.


I’m reapplying as well…and they dont skip telephone interviews in the beginning. Might be possible at the end of the deadline. Contact them through email or call them.